Executive Committee Minutes 2/17/93

LAUC-B Executive Committee                           1992/93 (8) 
February 17, 1993 
Present:  E. Byrne, W. Diamond, M. Drabkin, G. Handman (Chair), R.  Lhermitte, 
R. Moon, L. Osegueda, G. Peete, A. Sevetson (Recorder), P. Stewart, K. Vanden 
Heuvel, A. Youmans 
Guests:  D. Kearney 
1.  G. Handman announced that the Program Committee has arranged an Early Bird 
featuring J. McCredie on March 4 in the Morrison Room.  The meeting will be 
audiotaped and the tape will be cataloged for the Media Center. 
2.  G. Handman announced the next statewide LAUC Executive Committee would be 
conducted via (video) teleconference on March 18th.  Southern campuses will use a 
facility in Los Angeles; Northern campuses will use Berkeley's Alameda 
teleconference facilities. 
Approval of Minutes: 
The minutes of January 13, 1993 were approved as corrected. 
Ongoing business: 
G. Handman announced that the proposed LAUC-B server has been approved by LAG.  It will be
a few months before all the pieces are in place, but the groundwork 
is in place.  There are a number of issues which will have to be resolved in 
connection with this project, chief among which is how the LAUC database will 
be administered and maintained. 
New Business: 
1.   D. Kearney gave a preliminary report of the Committee on Research and 
Professional Development meeting with Dorothy Gregor on January 27 about the 
R&PD funding process.  Work toward changes in the process as it currently 
stands has been prompted by a number of concerns expressed by D. Gregor:  the 
unduly cumbersome and formulaic nature of the process;  a desire to tie the 
process more closely into goal and objective setting for individual librarians; and 
to ensure that funded activities will benefit the library and campus.  In 
her meeting with R&PD D. Gregor indicated the possibility of additional funding from The
Library for travel. Since its meeting with D. Gregor, The R&PD 
Committee has been considering alternative ways of structuring the funding 
process. The Committee hopes to have a written proposal for the LAUC-B 
Executive Committee meeting in March.  
2.  G. Handman presented for committee review a draft of the letter to Joyce 
Harlan (Campus Personnel) re:  LAIII position posted for the Institute for 
International Relations Library.
3.  CAPA issues were discussed. 

4.  Library Advisory Committee Structure - G. Handman announced he has received an
interesting "think piece" from Bill Whitson concerning the nature and 
structure of Library advisory committees and the advisory process in general.  
The discussion includes a consideration of LAUC's role in the local advisory 
process.  G.  Handman will distribute copies for discussion at the March 
meeting.  G. Handman expressed his interest in convening an all-LAUC(B) 
discussion forum in March to discuss the issue of advisory committee structure. 
5.  Library Reorganization - There was general discussion concerning the most 
effective and productive role for LAUC-B in the process of library 
reorganization.  It was felt that LAUC's interest and involvement in 
reorganization and future planning center on two primary areas of concern, 
notably those having to do with professional governance issues arising out of 
reorganization, and those larger issues relating to reorganization and the 
library's mission.  Some concern was expressed about the fact that LAUC-B has 
not been directly consulted in the reorganization process so far (with the 
exception of CAPA's participation in the AUL for Public Services interviews).   
It has been stated by D. Gregor that the reconfigured organizational structure 
represents an interim (2 to 3 year) plan.  It was suggested by G. Handman that 
a mid-point review of this interim organization would be extremely useful and 
important, and that LAUC could play a significant role in the review. 
The process of recruitment of AULs/Directors was discussed briefly in 
connection with the larger issues surrounding reorganization. The Executive 
Committee was unanimous in its desire to have specific criteria put into place 
for the recruitment process.  To these ends, the "Draft Criteria for 
Appointment and Review of Assistant and Associate University Librarians and 
Equivalent Titles at U.C.B." submitted earlier to D. Gregor as part of the 
upward evaluation of supervisors document will be reviewed.  Executive 
Committee will request that D. Gregor consider these criteria for immediate 
implementation apart from the larger document. 
CAPA has prepared a list of questions concerning peer review issues under the 
new organizational outline which will also be forwarded to D. Gregor for