Executive Committee Minutes 11/18/92

LAUC-B Executive Committee                        1992/93 (5) 
November 18, 1992  
Present:   E. Byrne, W. Diamond, M. Drabkin, G. Handman (Chair), R. Lhermitte 
(Past Chair), R. Moon, L. Osegueda, G.  Peete, A. Sevetson (Secretary), 
K. Vanden Heuvel, A. Youmans 

Absent:    P. Stewart  
Guests:    L. Castillo-Speed  
Approval of Minutes  
The October 21 and November 4 minutes were approved.  
On-going Business  
A.  Status of Draft Guidelines for Extension of Peer Review Timetable --Per 
recommendations from D. Gregor, the draft guidelines were revised to make the 
deadline for approval of extension three weeks before the final deadline for 
submission of peer review documentation.  A final version of the draft 
guidelines will be submitted to D. Gregor and the Vice Chancellor for approval.
It is hoped that the guidelines (and earlier recommendations regarding 
Timetable compliance) can be put into effect in the current review cycle.  
New Business  
A. LAUC-B Committee on Diversity - L. Castillo-Speed gave a short report on the 
activities of the statewide LAUC Interim Committee on Cultural Diversity and 
on the activities of local campus cultural diversity committees.  UCSF and UCB are 
the only campuses which do not have local committees on cultural diversity.  On 
the campuses which do have such committees there is a great deal of variation 
in terms of the charge and scope of the committee, committee membership, etc.    
It was decided by the Executive Committee to constitute a 2-4 person task force 
to investigate the establishment of a local cultural diversity committee at 
Berkeley.  L Castillo-Speed will serve as convener.  The charge to the 
committee is to assess the statewide report on cultural diversity (Many Voices 
of Diversity) to see what can and should be done at UCB to implement 
recommendations in the report; to make recommendations regarding the 
desirability of constituting a cultural diversity committee at Berkeley; and, 
if appropriate, to develop a charge for the new committee and to define its 
structure, membership, and formal relation to LAUC and to other library 
advisory committees.  W. Diamond mentioned that some of the issues addressed 
by the statewide report on cultural diversity are also being considered by the 
Library Cultures Group.  

B.   Future directions for LAUC-B  
The balance of the meeting was spent in continuing the discussion of LAUC's 
role in the library strategic planning process and of other possible future 
directions for LAUC-B.  Two documents which may prove useful in guiding LAUC's 
thinking in the above areas are "Sustaining Excellence in the 21st Century," 
and "Transforming Administration at UCLA:  A Vision and Strategies for 
Sustaining Excellence in the 21st Century."  
The idea was raised of organizing a series of forums aimed at facilitating 
discussion about LAUC's future and about the changing nature of the profession 
and the work environment.  Other forum ideas were also discussed, including 
meetings to encourage the dialog between librarians and faculty users.  Jeremy 
Waldron (Chair, Faculty Senate Library Committee) was mentioned as a possible 
kick-off speaker.