Information for LAUC-B Mentors

The LAUC-B Executive Committee invites volunteers to join the LAUC-B Mentoring Program as mentors. The purpose of this program is to pair a new librarian with a more experienced librarian (that is, someone who has been at UC Berkeley for at least 5 years and has attained career status). It is an informal and unstructured program in which a mentor librarian:

  • Helps with orienting their mentee to the campus/Library environment
  • Offers recommendations, suggestions and advice
  • Coaches or advises on the peer review process
  • Provides ongoing support for academic and professional development

The only qualifications, other than an interest in developing a relationship with a new-to-the-system librarian, are that you have at least five years' librarian experience at UCB, have gone through the review process, and have attained career status. It should be a rewarding and worthwhile experience for all parties; it is a great way to strengthen our ranks while at the same time contributing to LAUC-B and your own professional development. *Added bonus: LAUC-B will treat you and your mentee to your first lunch together at the Women’s Faculty Club. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or learning more about the program, please contact Kiyoko Shiosaki, Mentor Program Coordinator.