Retirement Benefits and Emeritus Librarians

Retirement Benefits for LAUC-B Members

Article 31 of the Professional Librarian Unit Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Nov. 12, 2003 - Aug. 30, 2006, states that: A librarian who has attained the rank of Librarian with at least 10 years of University service and who retires from an active appointment on or after July 1, 2003, shall be eligible to receive the campus benefits equivalent to those provided to non-Senate appointees who have been granted emeritus status at that campus. Consult the UC Berkeley Retirement Center to determine what those benefits are.

Benefits available to all retirees in the librarian series are listed here. In addition, please consult the UC Berkeley Retirement Center for a listing of benefits and opportunities available to all retirees.

UC Berkeley Librarians Emeriti

  • Bette Anton
  • Elizabeth Byrne
  • Suzanne Calpestri
  • Lucia Diamond
  • Gary Handman
  • Ann Jensen
  • Dan Krummes
  • Anne Lipow
  • Mary Ann Mahoney
  • Patricia Maughan
  • Annmarie Mitchell
  • Gary Peete
  • Tom Reynolds
  • Alan Ritch
  • Sue Rosenblatt
  • James Spohrer
  • Isabel Stirling
  • Milton Ternberg
  • Allan Urbanic
  • Camille Wanat
  • Beth Weil

LAUC-B and University Librarian Tom Leonard have drafted a set of procedures outlining the steps needed to attain the title Emeritus Librarian. While these procedures apply only to those Librarians who report to the University Librarian, Affiliated Librarians may use them as a model to apply for the title through their Deans and Directors.

No benefits for Emeritus librarians have been defined, beyond the benefit of being able to call oneself Emeritus. It should be noted that the benefits outlined in the MOU, which currently parallel those of Emeritus Senate Faculty, are not contingent on obtaining the title "Emeritus Librarian."

Procedures for Appointment of Emeritus Librarians, December 9, 2002; revised April 2004
(94K pdf document)

Christina Tarr
Chair, LAUC-B

September 2004; updated June 2005

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