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Library Conference Mentorship Program

If you are going to a library-related professional conference this fiscal year, or think you might want to attend one, think about requesting a conference mentor or serving as a mentor to a library staff member.

The conference mentor will be a UCB librarian who is attending the same conference as the library staff member and who is willing to spend some time with the staff person at the conference.

Some activities that could be shared:

  • Attend a social event together.
  • Attend a substantive program and/or a business meeting.
  • Spend some free time together to chat.
  • Spend some time walking through the Exhibit Hall together and share tips on how to work with vendors in the Exhibit Hall and how to network on the floor.
  • Attend a committee meeting or program that the conference mentor helped organize or put together.

Some upcoming conferences are:

  • Association of College & Research Libraries Conference in Philadelphia from Mar. 30-Apr. 2, 2011
  • Special Libraries Association Annual Meeting in Philadelphia from June 12-25, 2011
  • American Library Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans from June 23-28, 2011

Staff members may be eligible for funds to attend a conference.

Library Staff members please see:

Affiliated library staff members should check with their Library Head for professional development funding information.

If you are attending one of these conferences and would like a conference mentor or would be willing to serve as a conference mentor, please e-mail the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Name of conference you are attending

to: Debbie Jan (

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