State of Information Services at UCB

Monday, January 31st Toll Room, Alumni House, 9-11a.m.

A panel discussion with:

  • Gerald Lowell, University Librarian
  • Robert Berring, Walter Perry Johnson Professor of Law and Director of the Boalt Law Library
  • John McCredie, Associate Vice Chancellor Information Systems and Technology

MISSED THE PRESENTATION??? Listen to it by clicking HERE.

We are near the brink of a new millenium. Some of us celebrated January 1, 2000 as the new millenium. Some will wait until 2001. An astronomy professor says that with all the changes and deletions in the old Julian and Gregorian calendars the true millenium actually began some 2 or more years ago. A physics professor has recently started a stir with the assertion that "time" does not exist, there is only change. However we define it, we are creatures of time, and this event seems significant to us. Universities and libraries are looking closely at their pasts and attempting to plot their futures. The latter part of the 1900's have been marked by a technological revolution in communications and information technology. As information professionals, we wonder what is in store in 2000 and the next decade.

Sponsored by the LAUC-B Research and Professional Development Committee.