Executive Committee Minutes 07/23/2014

LAUC B Executive Committee Minutes 7/23/2014

July 23, 2014
11:00 – 1:00
251 Moffitt Library

Members Present: Barbara Bohl, Rita Evans (incoming chair) Liladhar Pendse, I-Wei Wang (incoming chair-elect), Lynn Jones (outgoing chair), Jason Miller, Jesse Silva, Elliott Smith (incoming recorder) Jim Church (outgoing recorder)

I.  Announcements

  • Lynn welcome new Excomm members and introductions were made.
  • Susan Koskinen has been appointed to SLASIAC Information advisory committee.
  • We still do not have a LAUC budget. More funds were requested for professional development to reflect realities.
  • The statewide transition meeting will be held on August 11. Outgoing chair Nick Robinson will send out the agenda on August 4
  • A statewide conference call is also scheduled from on August 14 from 1-3 pm to address the Committee on Professional Governance rules and bylaws, and to approve proposed amendments. There was discussion on who would represent Berkeley for all of the above as some people will be out.

II. Reports

a.   Treasurer (L. Ngo) – Absent.  The balance as of July 7 2014 is $75,199.

b.   LIBR meeting (R. Evans) - There was no LIBR meeting last month. The next meeting will be in September.

c.   UL meeting (L. Jones, R. Evans) – There was also no meeting with month with the University Librarian.

 III. Old Business

 a.    Problems with paging from NRLF

Lisa Ngo put together a report on problems with accessing and withdrawing materials at NRLF because of ambiguities in the holdings records. Lisa sent the report to Lynn Jones who submitted it to LAUC system-wide for referral to the appropriate SAGs, and copied Beth Dupuis and Erik Mitchell.  Rita noted the report succinctly addressed the issues. Erik Mitchell responded via email to Lynn noting solutions for some of these problems are complex and pose challenges, some of which could potentially be addressed by the implementation of a unified ILS.

All agreed there is widespread concern about the NRLF issue. Rita noted especially the role of affiliated libraries and their concerns about NRLF.

b.     Other Business

Lynn briefly oriented I-Wei to the duties of the chair-elect. Rita will meet with I-Wei before the first LIBR meeting. Lynn also noted about the task force to revise the Diversity Committee charge. What do other campuses do?

Library administration is seeking a new hire to serve as a diversity and/or equity librarian.

Lynn said the task group chaired by James Eason is revising the Berkeley Procedures to reflect changes in the MOU. The group also will gather statistics on whether or not librarians request a specific number of points in their self-evaluations, whether Review Initiators request a specific number of points, and what the UL’s decision was in various cases.  Other campuses are also collecting data.

c.     Social Hour

The next LAUC B social hour will take place on August 29, 3 p.m., at the Faculty Club Bar.

IV.    New Business

a.     LAUC-B Transition

Lynn reviewed the responsibilities for each officer. The two library representatives are responsible for coordinating candidate lunches and mentoring and will decide who will undertake each task. An Ex Comm member must attend each candidate lunch. All librarians, including those with temporary appointments, should be offered a mentor to provide guidance on professional development and the review process. Elliott asked if we should mentor part-time or interim librarians about aspects of the library that are not necessarily related to the peer review process. This was agreed to be a good idea.

b.     Other business  

Lynn demonstrated the LAUC Ex Comm bSpace site and discussed updates to it, and the LAUC B web site.

Lynn thanked all the outgoing members and welcomed the new ones. Rita mentioned a new date for the August Ex Comm meeting: August 27.