Task Force on Library Staff Mentoring - Staff Summer Conference Mentorship Program

Library Staff (in all campus libraries and all pay titles), who plan to attend a library-related conference, program or meeting, may ask to be matched with a UCB librarian mentor for the meeting. Many conference locations are not far and might be covered by SDC or other professional development funding for those who have that available.

Activities at the meeting for the mentor/mentee might include:

  • Attend a social event and meet someone new.
  • Attend a substantive program and/or a business meeting.
  • Plan some free time just to chat.
  • Spend some time walking through the Exhibit Hall together. Share your insights on how to work with vendors in the Exhibit Hall and how to network on the floor.
  • If the librarian is chairing a committee or otherwise involved in any of the programs, invite your mentee to attend and explain the background of the committee/program ahead of time.

Contact a member of the Task Force on Library Staff Mentoring (for Summer 2008 contact Lucia Diamond) to be matched to a mentor or to volunteer to be a mentor.