Task Force on Library Staff Mentoring - Job Shadowing


The job-shadowing program is an opportunity for UCB Library and Affiliated Library staff to spend 2 hours visiting, interacting, and observing a librarian or other library professional staff member working in a field of their interest. This career exploration and observation will expose staff to library areas of interest and may assist them in their career development.


Job-shadowing is open to all career & limited appointment, represented & non-represented Library and Affiliated Library non-Academic staff members. Librarians and other library professional staff can sign up to be shadowed.


Be able to meet for 2 hours with your assigned librarian/library professional staff member or library staff member within 2 months of your assignment.


  • Discuss Professional's primary job duties and responsibilities
  • Discuss Professional's role and how it fits within the goals and objectives of the unit
  • Discuss Professional's career path to their current position and skills/knowledge they needed to get there
  • Brief tour, introduction to other unit staff
  • Possibly informational interview, attend and observe some librarian or professional functions.


  • Fill out the job-shadowing application and submit it.
  • Staff will be best matched with a librarian or library professional staff member working in their ranked preferred field of interest. (If librarians are not available, staff may
    be matched with a high-level staff member in their field of interest unless otherwise indicated.)
  • Meet with designated librarian/ibrary professional staff member or library staff member within 2 months of being assigned.
  • Fill out an evaluation form of your experience.