LAUC Elections 2012


Voting will take place May 14 - June 1, 2012 through SurveyMonkey. 


Candidates for LAUC-B Offices

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, LAUC-B Executive Committee

Lynn Jones

I am interested in serving as LAUC Chair to contribute to LAUCs historic role as the organization that represents the interests of librarians as professionals within the University-- the sole organization in which library administration and librarians participate on the same footing. Particularly during the current re-envisioning process, which is occurring not just at Berkeley but at our sister campuses, strong leadership will serve LAUC well. My prior experiences in LAUC, as member and chair of CAPA, representative to LAUC systemwide Professional Governance Committee, participant in the special Distinguished Status Working Group, and LAUC representative to HOPS, as well as past chair of the systemwide Digital Reference Common Interest Group, have prepared me to understand and respond effectively to the challenges of the near future. I would very much welcome the chance to work with colleagues to secure our professional values during this time of change.

LAUC-B Chairs have invariably been among the most capable and most dedicated librarians at Berkeley. It would be an honor to join the ranks of these colleagues, should I be elected.

Jean Dickinson

Thank you for nominating me as a candidate for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect of LAUC-B a principal part of UC Berkeleys community of librarians. For the past seven years I have worked with many library colleagues in various groups committed to offering the highest quality of scholarship, and I would like to continue to serve, in an imaginative and practical way, even in these difficult times.

I have been part of several Berkeley committees: Chair of the Committee on Professional Development, a member of the Executive Committee, and I am currently participating on the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research Committee. As there are about one hundred other dedicated librarians at Berkeley, I think LAUC-B is a great conduit for promoting our institutions ongoing success. Berkeley librarians bring their passion for discovery with them every day -- in my department alone weve talked about collaboration with other UCs and other research libraries; e-resource needs; making our valuable work more visible to scholars; and the incoming revolution in cataloging rules, among other things, and my goal as Chair-Elect would be to bring such relevant perspectives to LAUC-B.

ARL consistently ranks Berkeley among the top research libraries, and despite the painful discussions we are having now about our future, I think we can continue in a strong position, and I believe LAUC-Bs work can help us thrive.


Secretary, LAUC-B Executive Committee

Teresa Mora

I am happy to run for the position of LAUC-B Secretary. I have been working as a Librarian at the Bancroft Library for over nine years now. In my first years at UC Berkeley I served on the LAUC-B Diversity Committee, going on to chair both the LAUC-B and LAUC Diversity Committees. I have also previously served as Library Representative and know first hand the work required of the LAUC-B Secretary. I greatly value my previous service with LAUC-B as it gave me a better understanding of UC Berkeley and allowed me to work closely with librarians across campus. I look forward to the opportunity to again represent UC Berkeley librarians as Secretary of LAUC-B.

Shayee Khanaka

I was honored to be asked by the nominating committee to run for the position of LAUC-B Secretary. I started working at the Library in 1984 as a student cataloger. The amazing collection and the overall pleasant working environment helped me transition to a library assistant position in the Acquisition Department. I became a member of LAUC when I became a librarian in 2004. Since then I have served on a few committees such as LAUC-B Research Committee, Distinguished Librarian's Award, and a few ad hoc committees.

I take great pride in my affiliation with The Library and the Berkeley campus and would like to contribute to maintaining its world class research collection. If elected, I look forward to work with my LAUC colleagues on the Executive Committee on the issues that we face as bibliophiles.


Library Representative, LAUC-B Executive Committee

Jim Ronningen

I would welcome the chance to participate in the Executive Committee as a Library Representative, especially when LAUC-B will continue to have a crucial advisory function in the next phases of the re-envisioning process. The models under consideration provide an opportunity for us to improve the effectiveness of our service to the university community, but also require careful deliberation about the nature of our professional roles, which may have a ripple effect extending beyond the Library to the Affiliateds. I'd also enjoy handling traditional Library Representative duties such as making lunch arrangements for the interview days of candidates for librarian positions.

In recent years I've been co-chair of the LAUC-B Committee on Professional Development, chair of the Social Sciences Council, chair of the Exhibits & Interpretive Programs Committee, member of the Collection Services Council (including the task force which researched facts used in the University Librarian's argument against the default action of delayed access to UCB dissertations), and a member of the Millennium Refer for Replacement task force.

I've been a librarian here for ten years, currently in the Doe/Moffitt Humanities & Social Sciences unit. I'm liaison to Sociology, Demography, Peace & Conflict Studies and the Graduate School of Journalism and selector in those subject areas. I'm also the State of California documents librarian. Earlier paraprofessional work included cataloging monographs and maps, and assisting in acquisition of foreign national documents. I hope you'll agree that my wide range of experience strengthens my candidacy and you'll give me your vote.

Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz

I appreciate the opportunity to run for the position of Library Representative for LAUC-B. I believe my UC system-wide and UCB experiences would bring a pragmatic and beneficial point of view to LAUC-B. In my 4+ years at UCB I have served as Head of Serials Cataloging and more recently as Head of the Catalog Department. From 2009-current I have been a member of UC Next Generation Technical Services; from 2008-2010 I represented LAUC statewide on the UC Heads of Technical Services committee (HOTS); in 2009-2011 I was a member of the LAUC-B Committee on Research, and this past year (2011/12) I served on the LAUC statewide nominations committee. I have enjoyed this work and collaborating with my local and statewide colleagues.

Hilary Schiraldi

I was honored to be invited to run for Library Representative. Through its multiple roles as adviser to the campus, advocate for librarians and librarianship, and reviewer of librarian work and performance, LAUC shapes the environment and experience of every UC librarian in countless ways. It would be my privilege to take part in LAUC-B's work as an executive board member.

I've been serving the campus and the Haas School of Business since the fall of 2008. In my time here at Berkeley, I've been member and co-chair of Social Sciences Council; a member of Technical Services Council/Cataloging and Metadata Council, Collections Council, and WAG; and a member and chair of the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research Committee. I'm a member of the LAUC-B Professional Development Committee. I also participate in a handful of committees and groups at Haas, including Haas Administrative Council and the Haas Cafe Advisory Committee.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve.


Affiliated Library Representative, LAUC-B Executive Committee

Jason Miller

I am honored to be considered for service as the Affiliated Library Representative to the LAUC-B Executive Committee. I received my MLIS in 2003 and have experience in Academic, Legal, and Corporate Libraries. In 2008 I became the Librarian in the College of Environmental Design Visual Resources Center, an Affiliated Library. I have experienced many of the challenges brought by the changes in technology, funding, and support that the Library profession has endured. As a Librarian in charge of a small, specialized, and important collection I feel I bring a unique perspective to the challenges we face. If chosen, I will do my best to work on behalf of the Affiliated Libraries and all the Librarians at UC Berkeley. I'm excited at the chance to become involved with LAUC-B and to serve the Affiliated Libraries and the entire Berkeley Library community as a representative to the Executive Committee.


Candidates for LAUC Statewide Offices

LAUC Statewide Vice-President/President Elect

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