How to Submit BAKER Requests via the OskiCat catalog

These instructions are designed to help eligible DSP patrons submit BAKER requests using the OskiCat catalog for electronic copies of articles or book chapters.

For more information about aspects of the request forms, see Additional Resources for Submiting BAKER Requests.

Once you have found your article citation, follow these steps:

EXAMPLE CITATION: “Comments on William Faulkner's Temporal Vision in Sanctuary, The Sound and the Fury, Light in August, Absalom, Absalom!” by Daniel G. Ford in the journal Southern Quarterly, vol. 17, (1977), p.283-290.

    1. Log into MyOskiCat.

      IMPORTANT: Please review and confirm your email address. If it is incorrect, you will need to 1) Click on the “UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT” button and follow those instructions, AND 2) Update your contact information in the CalNet Directory. Click on the "Authenticate" button and then update your email address under "Person Information" and "Address Information".

      It is crucial that you complete BOTH of these steps to ensure your requested article or chapter is delivered to the correct email address.

    2. Search for the journal or book title.

      In this case, search for “Southern Quarterly”.

    3. When you have found the correct record, click the BAKER button to access the BAKER Request form.

      The form will auto-populate the Patron Information, as well as basic information of the journal or book.

    4. Complete the form and provide as much information as you can about the article or chapter in the fields available.

      REQUIRED: Select “Yes” or “No” in the drop-down menu to indicate whether you need this particular edition or not.

    5. Confirm your request for accuracy and click on the "Submit Request" button.
    6. A confirmation of your request and the requested article or chapter will be delivered to the email address listed in your MyOskiCat account.

Additional Resources for submitting BAKER Requests

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