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Contacts for Subjects and Departments

The Library designates a principal contact for faculty and students in each campus department and program. As liaisons to the department, they provide information on library policies and procedures; offer specialized reference consultations; teach classes and individuals how to maximize use of library resources for research; and purchase library materials such as books, journals, and data sets.

A brief list of subject librarians is available for easier review and to print. The Library also offers contacts for academic support units, and experts at Affiliated Libraries.

You may contact members of the Library administration:

  • Elizabeth Dupuis (edupuis @, Associate University Librarian and Director, Doe/Moffitt and Subject Specialty Libraries.
  • Jean McKenzie (jmckenzie @, Acting Associate University Librarian and Director, Collections
African American Studies Lynn Jones
African Studies Shayee Khanaka
Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry Susan Koskinen
Agricultural and Resource Economics Susan Koskinen
Jeffrey Cole (affiliated library)
American Studies Corliss Lee
Anthropology Susan Edwards
Applied Science and Technology Lisa Ngo
Archaeology Susan Edwards
Architecture David Eifler
Waverly Lowell (affiliated library)
Art Practice Kathryn Wayne
Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies Corliss Lee
Lillian Castillo-Speed (affiliated library)
Astronomy and Astrophysics Samantha Teplitzky
Bioengineering Jeffery Loo
Biology Susan Koskinen
Biostatistics Deborah Jan
Business and Business Administration Hilary Schiraldi
Canadian Studies Claude Potts
Chemistry Jeffery Loo
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Jeffery Loo
Chicano Studies Corliss Lee
Lillian Castillo-Speed (affiliated library)
Chinese Studies Jianye He
Susan Xue
City and Regional Planning David Eifler
Nick Robinson (affiliated library)
Waverly Lowell (affiliated library)
Civil and Environmental Engineering Lisa Ngo
Classics John Ceballos
Cognitive Science Susan Edwards
Comparative Biochemistry Elliott Smith
Comparative Literature Michaelyn Burnette
Computer Science Brian Quigley
Conservation and Resource Studies Susan Koskinen
Dance Michaelyn Burnette
Data Harrison Dekker
Demography Jim Ronningen
Development Studies Jim Church
Dramatic Art Michaelyn Burnette
Dutch Studies Steve Mendoza
Earth and Planetary Science Samantha Teplitzky
Earthquake Engineering Charles James (affiliated library)
East Asian Studies Peter Zhou
Economics Jim Church
Education Margaret Phillips
Electrical Engineering Brian Quigley
Energy and Resources Susan Koskinen
English & American Literature Michaelyn Burnette
Environmental Design David Eifler
Waverly Lowell (affiliated library)
Environmental Engineering Lisa Ngo
Environmental Health Sciences Deborah Jan
Environmental Planning David Eifler
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Susan Koskinen
Epidemiology Deborah Jan
Ethnic Studies Corliss Lee
Lillian Castillo-Speed (affiliated library)
Film Studies Corliss Lee
Folklore Michaelyn Burnette
Susan Edwards
Forestry and Resource Management Susan Koskinen
French Claude Potts
Gender and Women's Studies Margaret Phillips
Geography Susan Powell
Geology and Geophysics Samantha Teplitzky
German Jean McKenzie
GIS and Maps Susan Powell
Government Information, California and United States Jesse Silva
Government Information, Iinternational and Foreign Jim Church
Health and Medical Sciences Susan Koskinen
Health Services and Policy Analysis Deborah Jan
History Jennifer Dorner
History of Art Kathryn Wayne
History of Science and Technology Jennifer Dorner
Industrial & Labor Relations Terry Huwe (affiliated library)
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Lisa Ngo
Infectious Diseases and Immunity Deborah Jan
Information, School of Cody Hennesy
Integrative Biology Susan Koskinen
Interdisciplinary Studies Lynn Jones
International and Area Studies Jim Church
Italian Studies Claude Potts
Japanese Studies Toshie Marra
Journalism Jim Ronningen
Judaic, Yiddish and Israel Studies Paul Hamburg
Korean Studies Jaeyong Chang
Labor Studies Jim Church
Terry Huwe (affiliated library)
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning David Eifler
Waverly Lowell (affiliated library)
Latin American Studies Carlos Delgado
Theresa Salazar
Law and Legal Studies Jesse Silva
Marci Hoffman (affiliated library)
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Jeffery Loo
Linguistics Shayee Khanaka
Logic and the Methodology of Science Brian Quigley
Materials Science & Engineering Lisa Ngo
Mathematics Brian Quigley
Mechanical Engineering Lisa Ngo
Media Studies Corliss Lee
Middle East and North African Studies Shayee Khanaka
Molecular & Cell Biology Elliott Smith
Music John Shepard
Native American Studies Corliss Lee
Lillian Castillo-Speed (affiliated library)
Natural Resources Becky Miller
Near Eastern Studies Shayee Khanaka
Near Eastern Studies - Judaica Paul Hamburg
Neuroscience Elliott Smith
Nuclear Engineering Lisa Ngo
Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology Susan Koskinen
Ocean Engineering Lisa Ngo
Optometry Susan Koskinen
Peace & Conflict Studies Jim Ronningen
Performance Studies Michaelyn Burnette
Philosophy Jan Carter
Physics Samantha Teplitzky
Plant and Microbial Biology Susan Koskinen
Political Economy Jim Church
Political Science Jesse Silva
Nick Robinson (affiliated library)
Psychology Susan Edwards
Public Health Deborah Jan
Public Policy Jesse Silva
Nick Robinson (affiliated library)
Religious Studies Jan Carter
Rhetoric Jan Carter
Scandinavian Shayee Khanaka
Slavic and Eastern European Studies Liladhar Pendse
Social Welfare Susan Edwards
Sociology Jim Ronningen
South Asian Studies Adnan Malik
Southeast Asian Studies Virginia Shih
Spanish and Portuguese Claude Potts
Carlos Delgado
Theresa Salazar
Statistics Brian Quigley
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Michaelyn Burnette
Transportation Rita Evans (affiliated library)
Urban Design David Eifler
Waverly Lowell (affiliated library)
Vision Science Susan Koskinen
Women's Studies Margaret Phillips
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