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Giving to the Library

Generous giving from donors has a long tradition in the Environmental Design Library. A gift from Phoebe Apperson Hearst created the Architecture Library in 1903, and the Beatrix Farrand Endowment Fund has helped build one of the best landscape architecture collections in the world. Since then many donors have made contributions of books and funds, enriching our collections and making possible our recent renovation.

Monetary Gifts

Financial support is very important to the Environmental Design Library—contributions provide funding for expensive resources, specialized equipment, conservation of rare books, and exhibits or special projects. Financial gifts may be unrestricted or support a specific library program, service, or collection. In addition to cash, the Library welcomes securities and other real or tangible property.

Donating Books or Journals

Gifts of scholarly and professional materials have historically represented a significant element in the development of our outstanding research collections. We welcome individual gifts of books and journals, but due to space and staff limitations, we must be judicious in accepting large contributions. Donors should be aware that the materials offered may be duplicates or outside the scope of the collection. In this case these materials may be sold in the Library's Book Sale Shop, and the proceeds used to purchase other materials for the collections. Information on appraisals and tax deductions is available.

Environmental Design Library Wish List

Please consider donating or underwriting the following items:

Contribute Online

Make a donation directly to the Environmental Design Library using the Elizabeth Byrne Fund for the Environmental Design Library form or the Library Fund Online Gift Form.

Contribute by Mail

Please make checks payable to UC Regents and specify that it is for the Environmental Design Library. Send along with any instructions regarding the donation to:

David Eifler, Interim Head
Environmental Design Library
University of California
210 Wurster Hall
Berkeley CA  94720-6000