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Starting Your Research

Think about your topic and start your research early. For inspiration, see the Arch 170 Book Truck (located in the Reference Section of the Environmental Design Library) and review the Arch 170 Research Guide—where you will find links to encyclopedias and atlases, histories and surveys, dictionaries and more. Although these sources all offer excellent background information, be sure to check print and online encyclopedias.

Once you’ve decided on a topic, identify the best keywords to use in your search. Using library resources, learn the specific building or project names, designers, location, and date built. don't forget to include alternative and foreign language spellings. If you have not yet selected a topic, you may perform the exercises using the examples provided.

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Table of Contents - Intro - Assignment - Citation Managers - Starting Research - Encyclopedias - Books - Subject - Articles - Images - Bibliographies - Conclusion

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