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Location, Call Number and Subject Headings

When the time comes to gather your materials, you will want to refer to each record for the Location (which library) and Call Number of each item. For this reason, keep your records saved and make a list of your materials, noting location information and call numbers, to take with you as you visit libraries and collect your books.

OskiCat Record

Note the Subject term links contained in each record which will guide you to similar materials related to those subjects. Where keywords may fail, more items may be found by official library subject terms. Furthermore, you may refer to the Library of Congress Subject Headings for specific subject terms. Optional: Watch a video tutorial on Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Practice using subject terms.

1. Return to the Tholos Tomb Gamma record and see the subject list
2. Select subject: Minoans -- Greece -- Phourni Site.
3. Examine the results for this subject
4. Note that the subject: Minoans – Greece – Kea Island has 4 associated entries
5. Click the subject: Minoans – Greece – Kea Island.

Nearby Subjects

For this subject, we receive links to records for 4 additional items. This Example shows that using subject headings links from an origianl keyword search helps identify other titles.

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