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Citation Managers

As you or read or collect various resources, you must document these sources with citations. Citations are standardized references to sources used in the production of a related work dependent on the intellectual work of others (i.e. a research paper). For ethical, legal and academic reasons, citations are required in order to acknowledge the intellectual work of others. For more information on citations, you may refer to UCB’s Citing Your Sources

Recording citations as you research will save you time when you need to produce a bibliography. As you search, use an online citation manager to capture citations for items of interest. Later, you can select only those items needed to produce your bibliography.

UCB subscribes to and officially recommends RefWorks as a citation manager. In fact, you will see the option to export citations to EndNote/RefWorks in Oskicat and Avery Index as you work through the assignment. However, Zotero (a Firefox add-on) is a strong alternative. Examples are provided for both RefWorks and Zotero throughout the assignment.

If you are already familiar with another citation manager or would prefer to use a different program, you can find tutorials and additional information for EndNote and Mendeley (in addition to RefWorks, and Zotero) on the Public Health Library's citation managers guide.

For Architecture 170, you are asked to produce citations using MLA format. For guidance on MLA format, see the Purdue MLA Formatting and Style Guide (look at the left side menu for instructions on citing books, periodicals and electronic resources). Use this guide to make sure your citations are correctly formatted before submitting your bibliography.

RefWorks and Zotero: An Introduction
RefWorks and Zotero each have advantages and disadvantages. RefWorks tends to produce more accurately formatted citations, but Zotero offers greater ease in terms of capturing citation information across various sources. Whichever you use, you should check your citations against the Purdue MLA Formatting and Style Guide before submitting your bibliography.

Read the following instructions and then select a citation manager to use before continuing with this assignment.

Unlike Zotero, RefWorks works independently of your web browser. To use RefWorks, begin by registering (free for UCB students). Once you have registered, any references that you import will be stored on the RefWorks site.

Example of Collected References

For detailed RefWorks instructions and video tutorials, refer to their RefWorks tutorial or the video RefWorks Basics.

Note that Zotero is a Firefox add-on that works only within the Firefox browser.

To use Zotero:
1. Watch or read the Zotero installation instructions
2. Download the latest version of Zotero from the Zotero website
3. Restart your browser to complete installation
4. Look for the Zotero “Z” logo at the right bottom corner of your Firefox browser window
5. Click the Zotero logo to make sure that Zotero opens

Zotero icon
Click the Zotero “Z” icon to open Zotero

6. If installation is successfully completed, proceed. If not, please troubleshoot
7. Open the dropdown menu for the Actions tool (cog symbol) and select “Preferences"

Zotero Preferences

8. Select Modern Language Association (MLA) as your Default Output Format

Zotero Default Output Format

Throughout this assignment, examples are provided to help you practice using your elected citation management program. You shoudl begin to build your bibliography as you work through each section.

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