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Landscape Architecture 101 - Fundamentals of Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture 101 - Fundamentals of Landscape Design is a strategic and bibliographic research guide to UC Berkeley library and web resources for UCB students taking LA 101. Here you'll find research techniques and sources for your precedent study. For additional assistance, please consult the Environmental Design Library reference staff, 210 Wurster Hall.

recommended = Recommended


DECONSTRUCT your precedent to uncover its complexities, to focus your research, and to increase your search vocabulary (for example, the more ways you have of describing and thinking about your precedent, the more likely you are to find a plan or section). Add to your 'deconstruction notes' as you learn more about your precedent.


Fill-In the Blanks Bibliographies | Dictionaries | Landscape Architects | Encyclopedias & Handbooks | Histories & Surveys

FILL-IN THE BLANKS with basic facts. Search reference sources for an overview of your precedent.Note particular keywords, terms, authors, bibliographies, and footnotes. Learn specific project names, designers, locations, and dates designed and constructed. Add this information to your deconstruction notes. Use your facts to help your search. If you don't have enough information on your specific site, try searching for the designer, the style of the site or a survey of multiple sites within that country.

Bibliographies are lists of writings or citations on a particular subject, time period, or author. Look at book chapters, textbooks, and articles for additional bibliographies and footnotes.
Dictionaries For basic landscape architecture dictionaries see Landscape Architecture Reference Sources.


Landscape Architects See the bibliographic guide Biographical Information on Landscape Architects for a comprehensive listing of biographical resources


Encyclopedias & Handbooks


General Histories & Surveys provide an overview and the context of a topic, with dates, locations, special sites, and the names of architects or designers. They usually include bibliographies. Here is a sample of the landscape architecture histories and surveys in the Environmental Design Library.


Find Images & Plans

Also see landscape architecture histories and journal articles.


Find Books

FIND BOOKS for an in-depth discussion of your precedent. Note that for many topics you will not find an entire book; instead, you may find a chapter or an essay in a book focussed on a general aspect of your precedent (refer to your deconstruction list for ideas). Example: a book on urban parks might include information about Golden Gate Park.

In the Library's catalogs use keywords or subject headings to search for title, subject, author, or corporate author.

Search for a time period:
Architecture, Postmodern
Gardens, Renaissance
Landscape Architecture, 20th century

Search for a type of landscape or site:
Gardens, Islamic
Landscape gardening
Urban parks
Water in landscape architecture

Search for a location: city, state, or country:
Landscape Architecture--New York

Search for a specific landscape architect or designer:
Burle Marx, Roberto
Gustafson, Kathryn
Kiley, Dan

Search for a specific project or site:
Biltmore Estate--North Carolina
Golden Gate Park--San Francisco, California
Taj Mahal--India

Search for firms or organizations using corporate authors such as:
Hargreaves Associates
American Society of Landscape Architects
Olmsted Brothers


Find Articles

FIND ARTICLES for current and retrospective information. Use PERIODICAL INDEXES to identify articles within periodical and newspaper titles.

tip Journals, Periodicals, Magazines, and Serials -- these terms refer to the same thing. Journal articles are generally NOT included in the Library Catalogs.
tip Use Environmental Design Library indexes and abstracts to expand your search on your topic:
Architecture Indexes | Landscape Architecture Indexes | City Planning Indexes
tip Use the UCB list of Electronic Resources: Article Databases to identify other related indexes.
tip Not all articles or journals are available electronically, full text. Some indexes use UC e-links to look up call numbers and locations for print journals. Use Library's catalogs to look up journal call numbers in indexes that don't use UC e-links. Search under the title of the journal.

Here is a selection of indexes that are especially helpful for landscape architecture research. When searching for your precedent, remember to use truncation or wildcards (* or ?) for variations of words (e.g., park*)


How to Draw

Here is a selection of books to help you create your graphic presentation about your precedent. See the research guide Design Drawing - Resources for Skill Development for more resources.


Campus Libraries

Here's a selection of UCB campus libraries with collections of interest to LA 101 students.