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RefWorks Tips for Engineering Databases:
Importing from PubMed

Save and Import

In PubMed:

  1. Change the Send to option to File. Change Format option to MEDLINE. Select Create File.
  2. Save the records to your Desktop as a text file (e.g., pubmed.txt)

In RefWorks:

  1. Choose References > Import from the menu across the top of the page
  2. Select the NLM PubMed filter from the Import Filter/Data Source menu
  3. Select the PubMed option from the Database menu
  4. Select the Folder into which the references will be imported (the default is Last Imported)
  5. Click on the Browse button and select the text file from your Desktop
  6. Click on the Import button at the bottom of the form
  7. Click on the View Last Imported Folder button to see your imported citations

You can download the Write-N-Cite application (for Windows or Mac) to make it easier to cite references and create bibliographies within papers. Use the One Line/Cite View option if you do not meet the compatibility requirements for Write-N-Cite.

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