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Electronic Books

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E-Books by Subject: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR)

Popular Titles:

Complex Stochastic Systems. CRC Press, 2001.

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae. CRC Press, c2003.

CRC Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae. CRC Press, 2000.

Design for Sustainable Product Life Cycles. Springer-Verlag, 2009.

The Engineering Handbook, 2nd ed. CRC Press, c2005.

Handbook of Industrial Engineering - Technology and Operations Management. 3rd ed. Wiley, 2001.

Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management. Wiley, 1999.

Operations Research Calculations Handbook. CRC Press, 2001.

Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook. 5th ed. McGraw-Hill, 1999.

Statistical Quality Control. CRC Press, 2001.

Systems Engineering Principles and Practice. Wiley, 2003.

The Technology Management Handbook. CRC Press, 1999.


ENGnetBASE  UCB access only
A collection of engineering handbooks published by CRC Press.
» FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide for the netBASE Collections

Wiley-IEEE Press ebooks  UCB access only
Access to more than 400 ebooks published by Wiley-IEEE Press. Books are fully searchable in the IEEEXplore Digital Library and cover electrical engineering, bioengineering, nuclear engineering, transportation, aerospace, and more.

MATHnetBASE  UCB access only
A collection of mathematics handbooks published by CRC Press, including standard mathematical tables.

STATSnetBASE  UCB access only
A collection of statistics handbooks published by CRC Press, including standard statistical tables.

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