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E-Books by Subject: Engineering and Project Management (EPM)

Popular Titles:

The Civil Engineering Handbook. W.F. Chen, J.Y. Richard Liew. 2nd ed. CRC Press, 2003.

Construction in Cities: Social, Environmental, Political, and Economic Concerns. Patricia J. Lancaster. CRC Press, 2001.

Construction of Marine and Offshore Structures. Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. 2nd ed. CRC Press, c2007.

Design for Reliability. Dana Crowe and Alec Feinberg, eds. CRC Press, c2001.

Design Reliability: Fundamentals and Applications. B.S. Dhillon. CRC Press, c1999.

Engineering Design Reliability Handbook. Efstratios Nikolaidis et al, eds. CRC Press, 2005.

Engineering Project Management: The IPQMS Method and Case Histories. Louis J. Goodman and Rufino S. Ignacio. CRC Press, 1999.

Forensic Engineering. Kenneth L. Carper. 2nd ed. CRC Press, 2000.

What Every Engineer Should Know About Decision-Making Under Uncertainty. John X. Wang. CRC Press, 2005.

Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Risk Management. Vlasta Molak, ed. Lewis Publishers, 1997.


ENGnetBASE  UCB access only
A collection of engineering handbooks published by CRC Press.
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ENVIROnetBASE UCB access only
A collection of environmental science handbooks published by CRC Press.

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