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The UC Berkeley Libraries and the UC Berkeley campus provide generous resources to support access and use of data and statistics. This webpage provides a general guide for identifying and accessing data sets and statistics, specifically in the fields of education and psychology, and for manipulating data at UC Berkeley.

Top Statistical Databases at UCB
Education Data Sites
Psychology, Social Welfare, and Social Sciences Data Sites
Data Sites by Region and General
Data Help at UCB

Top Statistical Databases

Find Statistics and Data - Education

Find Statistics and Data - Psychology, Mental Health and Social Science

Find Statistics and Data - General and Multiple Topics

Help with Manipulating Statistics and Data

  • Library Data Lab. The Data Lab in Doe 208A provides access to a growing collection of electronic data files and analytical software, such as MS Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and DataFerret. Staff will help you locate, retrieve and use computer-readable, numeric data.

  • UC Data. UC Data provides access to computerized social science data to UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students, and helps researchers understand the content and context of social science data.

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