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Where were  you when the sugar beets got married? Musical theatre performance with Midori and Jalbert. Set design and text by Sendak.

Celebration of Maurice Sendak
An Exhibit of Award-winning Children's Books

Webliography of the Work of Maurice Sendak

Sendak's legacy follows his life. His appearances in several video-taped interviews are gifts to those who have and will continue to appreciate his work. View these interviews and visit other websites and museums that honor his work by following the links below.

The Celebration of Maurice Sendak Exhibit, in print, is on display in the Reading Room of the Education Psychology Library in Tolman Hall. Sadly, Sendak, a beloved and prolific author and illustrator, passed away in May 2012. This Exhibit, by displaying several of his best award-winning books and illustrations, pays tribute to this major contributor to Children's Literature.

View more of the online exhbit that was created to accompany the Celebration of Maurice Sendak Exhibit by clicking on the Sendak Gallery of images, the Bibliography of Sendak's work, and About Sendak to learn more about the man and artist. More information on children's book awards can be found on the Awards webpage.

Weblinks to Resources about Maurice Sendak

Rosenbach Museum & Library (the major repository of Sendak's illustrations and manuscripts)

Wikipedia - Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak on NNDB (an online who's who)

Sendak on IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

Colbert Interviews with Sendak
Grim Colberty tales with Maurice Sendak part 1
Grim Colberty tales with Maurice Sendak part 2
"I am a pole (and so can you!)"
Uncensored - Maurice Sendak Tribute & "I Am a Pole (And So Can You!)"

Harper Collins (Publisher of Where the Wild Things Are) Website includes video of Sendak and more.

PBS Interview with Sendak

Children's Literature Research Resources.
The following online databases are helpful to identify children's titles by subject, to discover reading and grade levels, and to find book reviews, international books, online books and award winning titles. Some require UC Berkeley authentication and others are free on the web. Use these to find more information about Sendak's books, his critics,and other viewpoints on his work.

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database. more information
International Children's Digital Library.
Literature databases at UC Berkeley.
Literature Online.
Modern Language Association International Bibliography.
OskiCat. Children's books at UC Berkeley.
Weblinks for Children's Literature.

For more information about Sendak's many books, illustrations, and work, see the Sendak Bibliography.

To read more about Sendak, click Maurice Sendak.

See examples of Sendak's illustrations in the Photo Gallery.

The Celebration of Maurice Sendak Exhibit, curated by Jill Woolums, Librarian, will be on display at the Education Psychology Library from August through December 2012.

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