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Course Reserves

Electronic Course Reserves may be placed in bSpace. You must have a bSpace account to view and attach course materials. For more information, visit the ETS Training and Support Center.

The Librarians at the Education Psychology Library can assist you in locating fulltext articles to link to in bSpace, or in creating a digital Library Course Guide with links to UC's digital library resources (databases, indexes, journals, ebooks) and other web-based material. Contact 768-7668 for further assistance.

Reserve Books, Articles and Materials in Print.

Reserve Course Readings for which there is an expected high demand or that require special security may be placed in the Library's reserve collection. Faculty may designate shorter loan periods, such as two-hours or one-day. Requests may be submitted to the Education Psychology Library via the Online Course Reserve Form or to the Library Circulation Desk throughout the semester. However, long lists, including library books, should be submitted as early as possible to allow time for us to recall checked-out books. Lists are processed in the order they are received. If you need rush processing or have any questions, please contact us at 642-4209. Photocopied readings can usually be processed within three days, possibly longer during the first two to three weeks of a semester.

Course Readers: We encourage placing course readers on reserve in the Library, as this saves time in processing. Please submit at least two copies of your course reader. They can be titled "Course Reader for Ed 111", for example.

Articles: We encourage "batching" of photocopied articles. Please batch articles together as much as possible. They can be processed more quickly as a unit (e.g., "First Week's Readings" or "Readings for October").

Place a request in one of three ways:

1. Use the Online Course Reserve Form.

2. Email the request with specified items to Lupe Villegas (

3. Bring the items to the EDP Library Circulation desk along with a printed Course Reserve Form. This option is best when faculty bring personal copies of books or materials to be placed on reserve.

For each item please use the same title on the reserve form as you have used on your course syllabus to facilitate student access.

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