Education Psychology Library
Ed/Psych Library
UC Berkeley
2600 Tolman Hall #6000
Berkeley, CA 94720

Circulation: 510-642-4209

Reference: 510-642-2475

photographs: exterior views of Tolman Hall

Library Equipment

Photocopiers, Printers, Microfiche Equipment


Four public photocopiers, including one with disability access.
One computer workstation printer.
Three microfiche reader/printers.
One copy/printer card dispenser.
One change machine.


Photocopy machines charge 15 cents per copy.
The public computer workstation printer charges 13 cents per copy (standard 8 1/2 x 11).
Microfiche printers charge 25 cents per page.

Copy cards

Users may purchase new copy cards and add value to existing cards from a dispenser. The dispenser accepts $1.00 bills for the purchase of new copy cards, and $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills to add value to existing cards. The copy card itself costs 75 cents and may be reused indefinitely. UCB students may buy discount cards and add value to those cards only at the Library Copy Service Centers. At EDP a machine is available to change $1 and $5 dollars bills. EDP also has one photocopy machine that is disability accessible and may be operated with coins.

Dispenser locations

EDP Library.
Library Copy Service centers are located nearby at:<

  • 145 Doe (Main) Library
  • Bioscience Library (Valley Life Science Building)

Copy services at other libraries on campus.

  • Large format scanning, printing and copying services are now available at the Earth Sciences Library.
  • Color printing and copying services are now available at the Biosciences and Doe libraries copy centers.

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