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Finding Maps By Call Number

This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART

Finding Maps By Call Number
Call Numbers and Searches For U.S. States and Territories

Finding Maps By Call Number

The Earth Sciences & Map Library's collection is cataloged using the Library of Congress G-Classification call numbers, which arrange maps according to geographic areas. One way to retrieve map records from the Library's online catalogs is to search by "Call Number" phrase (e.g., G4363.S3 for Santa Barbara County, California).

The table below includes call number ranges for U.S. states and territories, as well as some predefined "call number" searches which will retrieve records from OskiCat, the Library's online catalog. For specific geographic cities and regions in California, see the complete listings of California city cutters and California region cutters.

NOTE: Call number searches will not retrieve all maps for a given geographic area. For example, a map of California with a city map of San Francisco on the back will be given a call number for the state (i.e. G4360 or G4361). Therefore, a call number search using the classification for San Francisco (G4364.S5) will not retrieve this map. Similarly, maps on microfiche/film, aerial photos, and maps in atlases cannot be found using "map" call number searches because they are assigned different call numbers from those assigned to flat maps.

To retrieve all maps for a given area, you should also do a search by Subject Keywords (such as "California" or "San Francisco") and limit by Publication Format "Maps."

Call Numbers and Searches For U.S. States and Territories

State Call No. Range
Alabama G3970-G3974
Alaska G4370-G4374
Arizona G4330-G4334
Arkansas G4000-G4004
California G4360-G4364
Colorado G4310-G4314
Connecticut G3780-G3784
Delaware G3830-G3834
District of Columbia (DC) G3850-G3851
Florida G3930-G3934
Georgia G3920-G3924
Hawaii G4380-G4384
Idaho G4270-G4274
Illinois G4100-G4104
Indiana G4090-G4094
Iowa G4150-G4154
Kansas G4200-G4204
Kentucky G3950-G3954
Louisiana G4010-G4014
Maine G3730-G3734
Maryland G3840-G3844
Massachusetts G3760-G3764
Michigan G4110-G4114
Minnesota G4140-G4141
Mississippi G3980-3984
Missouri G4160-G4264
Montana G4250-G4254
Nebraska G4190-G4194
Nevada G4350-G4354
New Hampshire G3740-G3744
New Jersey G3810-G3814
New Mexico G4320-G4324
New York G3800-G3804
North Carolina G3900-G3904
North Dakota G4170-G4174
Ohio G4080-G4084
Oklahoma G4020-G4024
Oregon G4290-G4294
Pennsylvania G3820-3824
Rhode Island G3770-G3774
South Carolina G3910-G3914
South Dakota G4180-G4184
Tennessee G3960-G3964
Texas G4030-G4034
Utah G4340-G4344
Vermont G3750-G3754
Virginia G3880-G3884
Washington G4280-G4284
West Virginia G3890-G3894
Wisconsin G4120-G4124
Wyoming G4260-G4264
Guam G9415-G9416
Puerto Rico G4970-G4974
U.S. Virgin Islands G5010-G5014


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