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General Maps

Golden Gate International Exposition
Shell Oil Co., 1939
(Call no. G4364.S5:2G57 1939.S5 Case D)

Southeast Asia
CIA, 1997
(Call no. G8000 1997.U5 Case D)

Portion of Carte du Groupe d'Angkor,
1926 edition
(Call no. G8014.A588 1926.E3 Case D)

Central Moscow /C.I.A.
(Call no. G2114.M6U5 1975)

Bosnia and Hercegovina
C.I.A., 1994
(Call no. G6860 1994.U5 Case D)

The Caucasus and Central Asia
C.I.A., 1993
(Call no. G7120 1993.U5 Case D)

Nicaragua / C.I.A.
(Call no. G4850 1985.U51 Case D)

Kenya / C.I.A.
(Call no. G8410 1988.U5 Case D)

Portion of Tahoe National Forest / U.S. Forest Service, 1976
(Call no. G4362.T15 1976.U5 Case D)

Ukraine / C.I.A. 1993
(Call no. G7100 1993.U557 Case D)

Former Yugoslavia / C.I.A. 1993
(Call no. G6840 1993.U51 Case D)

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