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Author Degree Dept. Date Title Location
AARONS M.S. GEOL 1958 Geology of a portion of the Las Trampas Ridge EART
AAGAARD Ph.D. GEOL 1979 Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of silicate hydrolysis at low temperatures and pressures NRLF
ABRAHAMSON Ph.D. GEOP 1985 Estimation of seismic wave coherency and rupture velocity using the SMART 1 strong motion array recordings EART
ADKINS Ph.D. GEOP 1939 The Alaskan earthquake of July 22, 1937 EART
AGUE,D Ph.D. GEOL 1987 Natural deformation of plagioclase : a microstructural investigation EART
AGUE,J Ph.D. GEOL 1987 Geochemical modelling of fluid flow and chemical reaction during supergene enrichment of porphyry copper deposits EART
AHO Ph.D. GEOL 1954 Geology and ore deposits of the property of Pacific Nickel Mines near Hope, British Columbia EART
AINSWORTH M.S. GEOL 1978 The chemistry and mineralogy of pseudotachylites EART
ALFORS Ph.D. GEOL 1959 A structural and petrographic investigation of an area of glaucophane-bearing rocks in Panoche Valley Quadrangle, California EART
ALLAN Ph.D. GEOL 1984 Geological studies in the Colima Graben EART
ALLEN Ph.D. GEOL 1945 Geology of the San Juan Bautista EART
ALLEN Ph.D. GEOL 1945A Structures in the chromite deposits of the West Coast EART
ALLEN Ph.D. GEOL 1928 The Ione formation of California EART
ALPERS Ph.D. GEOL 1986 Geochemical and geomorphological dynamics of supergene copper sulfide ore formation and preservation at La Escondida, Antofagasta, Chile NRLF
AL-RAWI Ph.D. GEOL 1969 Cenozoic history of the northern part of Mono Basin, California and Nevada EART
AMEND Ph.D. GEOL 1995 Calculation of the standard molal thermodynamic properties of aqueous biomolecules at elevated temperatures and pressures EART
AMIRBEKIAN Ph.D. GEOP 1995 Effects of seismic wave scattering in strong motion seismology / by Ruben Vardanovich Amirbekian EART
ANDERS Ph.D. GEOL 1989 Studies of the stratigraphic and structural record of large volcanic and impact events EART
ANDERSEN M.S. GEOL 1974 The geology and slope stability analysis of the Mitchell Canyon landslide, Mount Diablo State Park, California EART
ANDERSON Ph.D. GEOL 1995 Flow paths, solute sources, weathering, and denudation rates : the chemical geomorphology of a small catchment EART
ANDERSON Ph.D. GEOL 1928 The geology and ore deposits of the Engels and Superior mines, Plumas County, California EART
ANDREWS M.S. GEOL 1933 Geology of the Pinnacles National Monument EART
ANDREWS Ph.D. GEOL 1977 Hydraulic adjustment of an alluvial stream channel to the supply of sediment EART
ANGEL M.A. GEOL 1948 Geology of a portion of the St. Helena quadrangle, California EART
ANTOLIK Ph.D. GEOP 1996 New results from studies of three outstanding problems in local, regional, and global seismology EART
APPLEGATE M.A. GEOL 1966 Geology of the Sour Dough Mountain area, southern Alaska EART
ARCURI Ph.D. GEOL 2002 The chloride source of atacamite mineralization at the Radomiro Tomic
porphyry copper deposit in northern Chile and the connection to
regional geological evolution of northern South American
ATKINSON M.S. GEOL 1942 Geology of the Guadalupe quicksilver mine and vicinity EART
AXELORD GEOL 1956 Mio-Pliocene floras from west-central Nevada EART
AYDINOGLU Ph.D. GEOP 1949 Energy in earthquakes NRLF
BACK M.A. GEOL 1955 Reconnaissance of geology and ground water of Smith River Plain, Del Norte County, California EART
BACON Ph.D. GEOL 1975 High-temperature heat capacity of silicate glasses EART
BAILEY M.A. GEOL 1921 The petrography and origin of the recent sediments along the east side of the San Francisco peninsula EART
BAILEY Ph.D. GEOL 1926 The Gueydan tuff, a new middle Tertiary formation from the southwestern coastal plain of Texas EART
BAIRD Ph.D. GEOL 1960 Superposed deformations in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, east of the Mother Lode EART
BAISE M.S. GEOL 2000 Modeling of the Northern San Francisco Bay velacity structure for the 18 August 1999 Bolinas earthquake EART
BAKER M.A. GEOL 1916 Geology and underground waters of the northern Llano Estacado EART
BAKER Ph.D. GEOP 1960 Characteristics of the P phase NRLF
BAKUN Ph.D. GEOL 1970 Body wave spectra and crustal structure: an application to the San Francisco Bay Region EART
BAND Ph.D. GEOL 1998 Neotectonics of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area, east-central Coast Ranges, California EART
BANGERT M.S. GEOL 1974 Bangert, James Clark. TI: Geologic report, and selected geotechnical aspects of the city of Larkspur, California EART
BARKER Ph.D. GEOL 1971 The formation of sulfides in the basal zone of the Stillwater intrusion, Montana EART
BATES B.S. GEOL 1908 Geology of the St. John's Quicksilver mining district EART
BEAL M.A. GEOL 1957 Wall-rock alteration in the western portion of the Robinson Mining District, Kimberly, Nevada EART
BECKER Ph.D. GEOL 1993 Frequency dependent directivity focusing of strong ground motion EART
BEHRMAN Ph.D. GEOL 1978 Paleogeography and structural evolution of a middle mesozoic volcanic arc-continental margin : Sierra Nevada foothills, California EART
BELL M.A. GEOL 1940 A geologic section of the Santa Lucia Mountains, Coast Range, California EART
BELL Ph.D. GEOL 1983 Deposition and diagenesis of the Brushy Basin and upper Westwater Canyon Members of the Morrison Formation in Northwest New Mexico and its relatioship to uranium mineralization EART
BENEDICT Ph.D. GEOL 1959 Aplite-pegmatite dikes of Tenaya Canyon, Yosemite : a study of their structures, textures, and mineralogy EART
BENNETT Ph.D. GEOL 1994 Deformation of high-pressure, low-temperature polycrystalline ice : mechanical properties, texture, and microstructures EART
BENOIST B.A. GEOL 1923 The Nelson Creek, Blue Nose and surrounding Placer mines EART
BEST Ph.D. GEOL 1961 Metamorphic and igneous rocks in the Cathay area, western Mariposa County, California EART
BICE Ph.D. GEOL 1980 Tephra stratigraphy and physical aspects of recent volcanism near Managua, Nicaragua EART
BILLICK B.S. GEOL 1913 The manganese deposits of the Franciscan series EART
BIRD Ph.D. GEOL 1978 Chemical interaction of aqueous solutions with epidote-feldspar mineral assemblages in geologic systems EART
BISCHOFF Ph.D. GEOL 1966 The kinetics of crystallization of calcite and aragonite EART
BLUSSON Ph.D. GEOL 1965 Geology and tungsten deposits near the headwaters of Flat River, Yukon, and southwest district of Mackenzie, Canada EART
BOHLKE Ph.D. GEOL 1986 Local wall rock control of alteration and mineralization reactions along discordant gold quartz veins, Alleghany, California EART
BOHN M.A. GEOL 1994 Time-lapse analysis of core-sensitive free oscillation EART
BOLE M.A. GEOL 1962 The geology of a part of the Manhattan quadrangle, Gallatin County, Montana EART
BOOKER M.S. GEOL 1998 Landscape and management response to wildfires in California EART
BOOTH M.A. GEOL 1950 Geology of the west central portion of the Orestimba Quadrangle EART
BORG Ph.D. GEOL 1954 Studies in metamorphism EART
BORGLIN M.S. GEOL 1949 The geology of a part of the Morgan Valley quadrangle NRLF
BOWEN M.A. GEOL 1950 Geology of the Sidewinder and Granite mountains, California EART
BOWERS Ph.D. GEOL 1982 Calculation of the thermodyamic and geochemical consequences of nonideal mixing in the system H?O-CO?-NaCl on phase relations in geologic systems EART
BOWERS Ph.D. GEOP 1958 Gravity in northern California / by EART
BOYD Ph.D. GEOL 1956 Geology of the Capay Quadrangle, California NRLF
BOYLE M.A. GEOL 1967 The stratigraphy, sedimentation, and structure of an area near Point Arena, California EART
BRATTON Ph.D. GEOL 1997 The Frasnian-Famennian (Late Devonian) mass extinction and recovery interval : oxygenation, stable isotopes, and biostratigraphy EART
BREWER M.A. GEOL 1955 The geology of a portion of the China Mountain Quadrangle EART
BRICE M.A. GEOL 1948 Geology of a portion of the Lower Lake Quadrangle NRLF
BRICE Ph.D. GEOL 1950 Geology of the Lower Lake quadrangle EART
BRIGGS Ph.D. GEOL 1950 Geology of the Ortigalita Peak quadrangle EART
BRIMHALL Ph.D. GEOL 1972 Early hydrothermal wall-rock alteration at Butte, Montana EART
BRODERSEN Ph.D. GEOL 1962 The petrology, structure, and age relationships of the Cathedral Peak porphyritc quartz monzonite, central Sierra Nevada, California EART
BROOKS M.S. GEOL 1958 Geology of the Bridalveil Creek Area, Yosemite National Park, California EART
BROWN   GEOL 1902 The underground water system of Berkeley EART
BROWN Ph.D. GEOL 1966 Metamorphic facies and structure of a region in eastern Otago, New Zealand EART
BROWN Ph.D. GEOL 1971 Volcanic petrology of the Toro-Ankole region, western Uganda EART
BRUNI M.S. GEOL 1983 Aragonite to calcite transformation in the San Cassiano patch reefs : a microstructural study EART
BUFFLER Ph.D. GEOL 1967 The Browns Park Formation and its relationship to the late Tertiary geologic history of the Elkhead Region, northwestern Colorado-south central Wyoming EART
BUNGE Ph.D. GEOP 1996 Global mantle convection models / by EART
BURKE M.A. GEOP 1951 The second derivative of the earth's magnetic field in central United States EART
BURNS Ph.D. GEOL 1965 Electronic spectra of silicate minerals: application of crystal-field theory to aspects of geochemistry EART
BURNS Ph.D. GEOL 1970 Petrogenesis and chemistry of cordierite and associated minerals in contact metamorphic rocks EART
BUSHEE Ph.D. GEOL 1971 Geochronological and petrographic studies of alkaline rocks from southern Brazil EART
BUTLER M.S. GEOL 1976 Movement of cobbles in a gravel-bed stream during a flood season EART
CADY Ph.D. GEOL 1994 Microfibrous quartz and crystalline Microfibrous quartz and crystalline opaline silica varieties : microstructural characterization by transmission electron EART
CAMERON Ph.D. GEOP 1959 Earthquakes in northern California coastal region NRLF
CAMPBELL Ph.D. GEOP 1969 The loading problem for a viscoelastic earth EART
CARMICHAEL Ph.D. GEOL 1967 Structure and progressive metamorphism inthe Whetstone Lake area, Ontario, with emphasis on the mechanism of prograde EART
CARTER M.A. GEOL 1948 Geology of the northeast corner of the Calistoga quadrangle EART
CASE Ph.D. GEOL 1963 Geology of a portion of the Berkeley and San Leandro hills, California EART
CAVINS B.S. GEOL 1915 A study of the geology of the southern end of the Bristol Mts. EART
CEBULL M.A. GEOL 1958 The structure and stratigraphy of portions of the Mare Island, Sears Point, and Richmond Quadrangles, California EART
CERLING M.S. GEOL 1976 Diagenesis of miocene bedded cherts, Berkeley hills, California EART
CERLING Ph.D. GEOL 1977 Paleochemistry of Plio-Pleistocene Lake Turkana and diagenesis of its sediments EART
CHAN Ph.D. GEOL 1984 Paleomagnetism and tectonic studies Paleomagnetism and tectonic studies of the Scaglia Rossa pelagic limestones (upper cretaceous-eocene) from the Umbria-Marches Apennines, Italy EART
CHANDRA Ph.D. GEOL 1954 Geology of the Colfax and Foresthill Quadrangles, California EART
CHAVEZ Ph.D. GEOL 1985 Geologic setting and the nature and distribution of disseminated copper mineralization of the Mantos Blancos District, Antofagasta Province, Chile EART
CHEN M.S. GEOL 1973 Stochastic estimation of standard free energies of formation of silicate minerals EART
CHESTERMAN M.A. GEOL 1940 Contact metamorphism of the Twin Lakes region, Fresno County, California,$cby Charles Wesley Chesterman EART
CHILDS GEOL 1900 A study of the geology adjacent to the coal measures at Tesla, Alameda co., California EART
CHINN Ph.D. GEOL 1969 Structural and mineralogical studies at the Homestake Mine, Lead, South Dakota NRLF
CHIOU Ph.D. GEOP 1991 Estimation of seismic source processes using strong motion array data EART
CHRISTENSEN Ph.D. GEOL 1942 Igneous geology of the Elkhead mountains, Colorado EART
CHRISTENSEN Ph.D. GEOL 1959 Geologic structure of the Mineral King area, California EART
CHU Ph.D. GEOP 1984 Constitutive relations of Clays and Clayey fault at high pressures EART
CHUN Ph.D. GEOP 1983 Crustal shear velocity modelling in Nevada : a study of broadband multi-mode surface waves EART
CLAGUE M.A. GEOL 1969 The landslides in the southeast part of Point Reyes National Seashore EART
CLARK Ph.D. GEOL 1917 Geology and ore deposits of the Santa Fe district, Mineral County, Nevada EART
CLARK M.A. GEOL 1948 Geology of a portion of the St. Helena Quadrangle, California EART
CLARK Ph.D. GEOL 1930 The Milton formation of the Sierra Nevada of California EART
CLARK B.S. MINING 1908 A comparison of the rock formations of the Aurora and Tonopah mining districts, Nevada EART
CLARKE Ph.D. GEOL 1973 The Eocene Point of Rocks sandstone provenance, mode of deposition and implications for the history of offset along the San Andreas fault in central California EART
CLAUSEN B.S. GEOL 1913 Geological report of Meadow Valley and vicinity EART
CLYMER M.S. GEOL 1996 Discovery and trace element geochemistry of late Eocene shocked quartz insights into the late Eocene impacts EART
COATS Ph.D. GEOL 1938 A contribution to the geology of the Comstock Lode EART
COE Ph.D. GEOP 1966 Paleo-intensities of the geomagnetic field determined from Tertiary and Quaternary rocks EART
COLLINS M.A. GEOL 1950 The geology of the southern third of the Orestimba Quadrangle, Stanislaus and Merced Counties, California EART
CONREY M.A. GEOL 1948 Geology of a southern portion of the Morgan Valley NRLF
COOK Ph.D. GEOL 1966 Geology of the southern part of the Hot Creek Range, Nevada EART
CORNELIUS M.A. GEOL 1972 The geology of upper Val Masino EART
COX Ph.D. GEOP 1959 The remanent magnetization of some Cenozoic volcanic rocks EART
CRAWFORD,M Ph.D. GEOL 1965 Plagioclase feldspar equilibria in some semi-pelitic schists EART
CRAWFORD,W Ph.D. GEOL 1965 Studies in Franciscan metamorphism near Jenner, California EART
CREELY Ph.D. GEOL 1955 Geology of the Oroville Quadrangle, California EART
CRITTENDEN Ph.D. GEOL 1949 Geology of the San Jose-Mount Hamilton area, California EART
CROOK M.A. GEOL 1921 The geology of a portion of the Santa Ynez Mountains south of the town of Solvang, California EART
CRUTCHER M.S. GEOL 1959 The geologic setting of the Pillikin Chromite Mine NRLF
CRUTCHFIELD M.A. GEOL 1953 The geology and silver mineralization of the Calistoga district, Napa County, California EART
CUMMINS Ph.D. GEOP 1987 Seismic body waves and the earth's inner core EART
CUNNINGHAM M.S. GEOL 1984 Geologically-constrained hydrologicand geochemical modeling of supergene weathering processes using physical rock parameters, geochemical profiles and modal data EART
CURRY M.S. GEOL 1962 Geobotanical correlations in the Alpine and Subalpine Regions of the Tenmile rage, Summit County, Colorado EART
CURRY Ph.D. GEOL 1968 Quaternary climatic and glacial history of the Sierra Nevada, California EART
CURTIS Ph.D. GEOL 1951 The geology of the Topaz Lake quadrangle and the eastern half of the Ebbetts Pass quadrangle EART
CURTIS M.S. GEOL 1983 Stratigraphy and origin of the pit frmation, Northern California EART
CUSTER M.S. GEOL 1973 Stratigraphy and sedimentation of Black Point Volcano, Mono Basin, California EART
CUYAMACA   GEOL 1919 [The geology of the Cuyamaca Region EART
DALEY Ph.D. GEOL 1993 Temporal and spatial variations in compositions of young mafic volcanic rocks of the southwestern basin and range : isotopic constraints on the relationship between thinning in the lithosphere and extensional deforamtion in the upper crust EART
DALRYMPLE Ph.D. GEOL 1963 Potassium-argon dates and the cenozoic chronology of the Sierra Nevada, California MAIN
DANIELS M.A. GEOL 1963 Igneous intrusive relationships in the Patterson Mountain Quadrangle, California EART
DANTI Ph.D. GEOL 1991 Diffusional and reaction replacement of pyrite by secondary copper sulfides during surficial chemical weathering EART
DARRAGH Ph.D. GEOP 1987 Analysis of near-source waves : separation of wave types using strong motion array recordings EART
DARROW M.A. GEOL 1951 The geology of the northwest part of the Montara Mountain Quadrangle EART
DAVIES M.S. GEOL 1986 The stratigraphic and structural rellationships of the Miocene and Pliocene formations of the Petaluma Valley area of California EART
DAVIS M.S. GEOL 1912 A study of the cherts and associated shales of the Franciscan formation EART
DAVIS Ph.D. GEOL 1917 Rocks of the Franciscan group EART
DAVIS Ph.D. GEOL 1961 Metamorphic and igneous geology of pre-Cretaceous rocks, upper Coffee Creek area, northeastern Trinity Alps, Klamath Mountains, California EART
DAY M.A. GEOL 1951 The geology of a part of the Mt. Vaca Quadrangle EART
DE BREMAECKER Ph.D. GEOP 1952 Amplitudes of Pn from 3 [degrees] to 23 [degrees] NRLF
DE NOYER Ph.D. GEOP 1958 The energy in seismic waves NRLF
DEINO Ph.D. GEOL 1985 Stratigraphy, chemistry, K-Ar dating and paleomagnetism of the Nine Hill Tuffs, California-Nevada : miocene/oligocene Ash Flow Tuffs of Seven Lakes Mountain, California-Nevada EART
DELANY M.S. GEOL 1976 Calculation of the thermodynamics of dehydration in subducting oceanic crust to 100kb and 800C EART
DEMPSTER M.A. GEOL 1951 Geology of the northereastern part of the Gonzales Quadrangle, California EART
DENGLER Ph.D. GEOP 1979 The microstructure of deformed graywacke sandstones EART
DERR Ph.D. GEOP 1968 Internal structure of the earth inferred from free oscillations EART
DEWEY Ph.D. GEOP 1971 Seismicity studies with the method oof joint hypocenter determination EART
DEY Ph.D. GEOP 1980 Brittle failure of crystalline rock EART
DICKMAN Ph.D. GEOP 1977 Plate motions and polar wandering EART
DILLON M.S. GEOL 1993 X-Ray diffraction study of a high pressure and temperature phase of iron nitride EART
DIVEN B.A. GEOL 1921 Eocene rocks of the lower Sespe Region EART
DIXON M.A. GEOL 1956 Two petrographic studies EART
DOBLER GEOL 1947 A petrography analysis of a section of the Berkeleyan volcanic rocks EART
DODGE B.S. GEOL 1912 some geological studies in the Santa Maria fields EART
DOELL M.S. GEOL 1934 Correlation of the Campus and Orinda formations in the Berkeley Hills, California NRLF
DOELL Ph.D. GEOP 1955 Remanent magnetism in sediments EART
DOLENC Ph.D. GEOP 2001 Basin structure influences on the teleseismic wave propagation in the Santa Clara Valley, California EART
DONDANVILLE M.S. GEOL 1958 The geology of part of northwestern Glenn County, California EART
DONNELLY Ph.D. GEOL 1977 Geochronology and evolution of the Clear Lake volcanic field EART
DOSCH M.A. GEOL 1932 The Las Tablas Fault Zone and the associated rocks EART
DOUGLAS B.S. GEOL 1915 geology of Point Reyes peninsula EART
DOUGLASS Ph.D. GEOL 1954 Studies in crystal chemistry of silicates NRLF
DRAKE Ph.D. GEOL 1974 The chronology of Cenozoic igneous and tectonic events in the central Chilean Andes EART
DRAKE Ph.D. GEOP 1971 The propagation of Love and Rayleigh waves in non-horizontally layered media EART
DROULLARD M.A. GEOL 1951 Geology of Packwood Quadrangle, California EART
DRUMMOND Ph.D. GEOL 1966 Mineralogical and chemical study of Craigmont Mine, Merritt, British Columbia EART
DUDLEY Ph.D. GEOL 1967 Glaucophane schists and associated rocks of the Tiburon Peninsula, Marin County, California EART
DUNN Ph.D. GEOL 1951 Geology of the western Mono Lake Area EART
DURRELL Ph.D. GEOL 1936 Metamorphism in the southern Sierra Nevada northeast of Visalia, California EART
DYK Ph.D. GEOP 1934 On the reduction of seismograms obtained in shaking table experiments NRLF
EASTWOOD M.A. GEOL 1969 Trace element correlation of Tertiary volcanic ashes from western Nevada EART
EATON Ph.D. GEOP 1953 Theory of the electromagnetic seismograph NRLF
EDWARDS Ph.D. GEOL 1923 The geology of a portion of Yauli Province, Peru EART
EGENHOFF B.A. GEOL 1933 Storage of debris at Bullard Bar EART
EISENBERG Ph.D. GEOL 1982 Chronostratigraphy and lithogeochemistry of lower paleozoic rocks from the Boundary Mountains, west central Maine EART
EISENBERG Ph.D. GEOP 1972 Observations on body wave amplitudes and their implication concerning the structure of the earth's mantle NRLF
EISENHARDT M.A. GEOL 1958 Physical ages of some Franciscan schists as determined by potassium-argon methods EART
ELFTMAN B.A. GEOL 1923 A geologic reconnaissance of a portion of the eastern flank of the Diablo Range in Stanislaus and Merced Counties, California EART
ELLERSIECK M.S. GEOL 1986 Tectonic shortening of the upper crust in the Western Brooks Range, Alaska : structure of the Northwestern Baird Mountains NRLF
ELLIOTT M.A. GEOL 1951 Photogeologic interpretation using photogrammetric dip calculations EART
ELLIS M.S. GEOL 1977 Podiform chromite occurrences in the Josephine Peridotite, Klamath Mountains, northwestern California EART
ENDERS M.A. GEOL 1939 A study of the Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic of the Monticello-Pope Valley region, Napa County, California EART
ENGSTROM M.A. GEOL 1953 Geology of part of Centennial Mountain quadrangle NRLF
EPIS Ph.D. GEOL 1956 Geology of the Pedregosa Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona EART
ERICKSON M.A. GEOL 1946 Geology of the western portion of the Pleasanton NRLF
ERSKINE B.S. GEOL 1924 The structure and stratigraphy of an area on upper San Pablo Creek in Contra Costa County EART
ERSKINE Ph.D. GEOL 1985 Mylonitic deformation and associated low-angle faulting in the Santa Rosa mylonite zone, Southern California EART
ESCOBAR B.S. GEOL 1895 The geology of Hunter's Point EART
ESSENE Ph.D. GEOL 1967 Petrogenesis of Franciscan metamorphic rocks EART
EVERNDEN Ph.D. GEOP 1951 Direction of approach of Rayleigh waves and related problems NRLF
FAHAN M.S. GEOL 1982 Geology and geochronology of a part of the Hayfork terrane, Klamath Mountains, Northern California EART
FAIRBANKS Ph.D. GEOL 1896 Geological papers NRLF
FARNETANI Ph.D. GEOP 1995 Mantle plume dynamics and melting processes EART
FARR Ph.D. GEOP 1955 P waves between 10 [degrees] and 30 [degrees] NRLF
FEIGHNER Ph.D. GEOL 1993 Dynamics of the Galapagos hotspot EART
FERREIRA M.A. GEOL 1963 Fabric of yule marble experimentally deformed at variable strain rates EART
FIEDLER Ph.D. GEOL 1942 The geology of the Jamesburg quadrangle, California EART
FILES Ph.D. GEOL 1970 Geology and alteration associated with Wyoming uranium deposits EART
FILSON Ph.D. GEOP 1969 Horizontal transverse motion from earthquakes at near distances EART
FINCH M.S. GEOL 1954 Geology of the Shinarump No. 1 Mine, Grand County, Utah :$bwith a general account of uranium deposits in Triassic rocks of the Colorado Plateua EART
FITZPATRICK Ph.D. GEOL 1976 Studies in the microstructure and crystal chemistry of minerals EART
FLECK Ph.D. GEOL 1967 The magnitude, sequence, and style of deformation in southern Nevada and eastern California EART
FLEXSER M.S. GEOL 1980 Geology of a portion of the Sonoma Volcanics near Calistoga, Napa County EART
FLOWERS Ph.D. GEOL 1979 Equilibrium and mass transfer during progressive metamorphism of siliceous dolomites EART
FOSHAG Ph.D. GEOL 1923 The origin of the colemanite deposit of the western United States EART
FOURNIER Ph.D. GEOL 1958 Mineralization of the porphyry copper deposit near Ely, Nevada EART
FOX M.S. GEOL 1983 Hydrothermal alteration in well Baca 22, Baca geothermal area, Valles Caldera, New Mexico EART
FOXALL Ph.D. GEOP 1992 Heterogeneous slip and rupture models of the San Andreas Fault Zone based upon three-dimensional earthquake tomography EART
FRAMES M.A. GEOL 1955 Stratigraphy and structure of the lower Coyote Creek area, Santa Clara County, California NRLF
FREEMAN M.S. GEOL 1954 Geology of part of the Johnny Gulch Quadrangle, Montana EART
FRISCH M.S. GEOL 1979 Investigation of metasomatic phase relations in dolomite of the Adamello Alps NRLF
GALEHOUSE Ph.D. GEOL 1966 Provenance and paleocurrents of the Paso Robles Formation EART
GALLAGHER B.A. GEOL 1923 The geology and petrology of the Hunter Point Region EART
GARDNER M.A. GEOL 1933 Geology of the Newberry and Ord Mountains, southeastern California EART
GASTIL Ph.D. GEOL 1954 The geology of the eastern half of the Diamond Butte Quadrangle, Gila County, Arizona EART
GAY M.A. GEOL 1952 Geology of Upper Coffee Creek, Etna Quadrangle, California EART
GENTRY M.S. GEOL 1924 Procedure for the study of sand grains in the correlation of oil well logs EART
GHENT Ph.D. GEOL 1964 Petrology and structure of the Black Butte area, Hull Mountain and Anthony Peak Quadrangles, northern coast ranges, California EART
GHIORSO Ph.D. GEOL 1980 Studies in natural solid-liquid equilibrium EART
GILBERT Ph.D. GEOL 1938 The Cenozoic geology of the region southeast of Mono Lake, California EART
GILBERT M.A. GEOL 1959 Metamorphism in the Lake Alpine Area, Alpine County, California EART
GILBERT M.A. GEOL 1969 Chronology of post-Tuscan volcanism in the Manton area, California EART
GILLERMAN Ph.D. GEOL 1982 Tungsten and copper skarns of the railroad mining district, Nevada EART
GILZEAN M.S. GEOL 1984 The nature of the deep hydrothermal system, Red Mountain district, Silverton, Colorado EART
GIOVANNETTI M.S. GEOL 1979 Mio-pliocene volcanic rocks and associated sediments of southeastern Owens Lake, Inyo County, California EART
GLOVER Ph.D. GEOL 1953 Studies in petrology and mineralogy of sedimentary rocks EART
GLUSKOTER Ph.D. GEOL 1962 Geology of a portion of western Marin County, California EART
GODOY M.S. GEOL 1973 Geology of central eastern Isabella Quandrangle, Sierra Nevada, California EART
GOODIN M.S. GEOL 1978 Metamorphic country rocks of the southern Sierra Nevada, California : a petrologic and structural study to determine their early Mesozoic paleotectonic and paleogeographic setting NRLF
GOODWIN Ph.D. GEOL 1988 Structural studies of two strongly deformed terranes in California and Arizona EART
GOODWIN M.A. GEOL 1952 The geology of the southern half of the Strawberry Valley Quadrangle, California NRLF
GOSS M.A. GEOL 1948 Geology of the southwest corner of the Calistoga Quadrangle NRLF
GOUDY M.A. GEOL 1936 A structural and petrographic study of the Vaqueros and associated formations in the southeast portion of the Adelaida quadrangle EART
GOULD B.A. GEOL 1925 Geology of Spellacy Hill, Taft, California EART
GRANGER Ph.D. GEOL 1996 Landscape erosion and river downcutting rates from cosmogenic nuclides in sediment EART
GRAY M.A. GEOL 1953 Geology of a portion of the Pine Nut Mountains, Nevada EART
GRAYMER Ph.D. GEOL 1992 Structural evolution of the central part of the foothills terrance, Sierra Nevada, California EART
GREGOR Ph.D. GEOP 1995 Attenuation relations for peak strong ground motion displacement EART
GRITTO Ph.D. GEOL 1995 Rayleigh scattering and nonlinear inversion of elastic waves EART
GROMME Ph.D. GEOL 1963 Remanent magnetization of igneous rocks from the Franciscan and Lovejoy formations, northern California EART
GULDMAN M.S. GEOL 1984 Silicate diagenesis in core KM-3 from Searles (Dry) Lake, California EART
GUNDERSON M.S. GEOL 1980 Microstructures in oolitic carbonates EART
HACKER M.A. GEOL 1950 The geology of the northwest corner of the Orestimba Quadrangle and the northeast corner of the Mount Boardman Quadrangle, California EART
HAIBLE M.S. GEOL 1976 Holocene profile changes along a California coastal stream EART
HALL M.A. GEOL 1964 Intrusive truncation of the Precambrian-Cambrian succession in the White Mountains, California EART
HALL M.A. GEOL 1965 Petrology of the type Merced group, San Francisco Peninsula, California EART
HALLAGER Ph.D. GEOL 1980 Geology of Archean gold-bearing metasediments near Jardine, Montana EART
HALSEY Ph.D. GEOL 1953 Geology of parts of the Bridgeport, California and Wellington, Nevada Quadrangles NRLF
HAM M.A. GEOL 1951 The geology of a portion of the Las Trampas Ridge Quadrangle, California EART
HAMILTON M.S. GEOL 1973 Geology of a portion of the Sonoma Volcanics near Mt. St. Helena EART
HAMILTON M.S. GEOP 1965 The effects of frequency, temperature and pressure on the electrical conductivity of periclase [MgO] and olivine [(Mg,Fe)_2SiO_4] EART
HANSEN Ph.D. GEOP 1981 Observational study of terrestrial eigenvibrations EART
HARDING M.A. GEOL 1942 Geology of the southern part of the Pleasanton Quadrangle EART
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