Geologic Maps

Geologic maps show the distribution of Earth's materials at the planet's surface. The Earth Sciences & Map Library has a large collection of geologic maps covering various parts of the world. Geologic maps have been acquired from the U.S. Geological Survey, various state geological surveys, and foreign agencies. Many geologic maps are available online.

Search & find geologic maps

OskiCat: use the Advanced Keyword Search to search for the subject keywords [geology place name maps] (e.g., geology tokyo japan maps). You can find other geological keywords in the list of common subject keywords for maps.

Common geological map series include:

  • Dibblee Foundation maps of California: G4361.C5 s24 .D6 [Case B]
  • Geologic investigations: USGS I- [Case 2]
  • Geological quadrangle map: USGS GQ- [Case 2]
  • Geophysical invetigations: USGS GP- [Case 2]
  • Map sheet (California Geological Survey): G4361.C5 svar .C3 [Case 2]
  • Mineral investigations resource map: USGS MR- [Case 2]
  • Scientific investigations map: USGS SI- [Case 2]

More geologic map resources