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Author Degree Date Title Location
ACKER M.A. 1997 New geographical tests of the hydraulic thesis at Angkor EART
ACKER Ph.D. 2001 Geography of political fragmentation and regional integration in the Mekong River valley MAIN
ALKON B.A. 1990 Fort Ord: its importance in the protection of California's natural diversity EART
ANDERSON M.A. 1965 The historical geography of California spas : fountains of health in the central coastal ranges EART
ANDERSON M.A. 1972 Isla Fuerte: a micro-regional geography of a Columbian island EART
ANDERSON Ph.D. 2007 Stable isotope and pollen evidence for late quaternary climate change in southern coastal California EART
ANDRADE M.A. 1967 Historical geography of the Central Meseta of Costa Rica EART
ANDRESS M.A. 1960 The role for wood in the economy of Maine EART
ANDRESS Ph.D. 1966 Culture and habitat in the central Himalayas EART
ARGENBRIGHT M.A. 1984 Bowman's new world : world power and political geography EART
ARGENBRIGHT Ph.D. 1990 The Russian railroad system and the founding of the Communist State : 1917-1922 EART
ARNOLD Ph.D. 1954 Landforms and early human occupation of the Laguna Seca Chapala area, Baja California, Mexico EART
BAILEY M.A. 1990 The image and beyond : a study of place, perception and preservation EART
BARRETT Ph.D. 1959 Agriculture of Western Samoa EART
BARRETT M.A. 1961 The oyster industry of California EART
BARRETT Ph.D. 1970 Land tenure and settlement in the Tepalcatepec lowland, Michoacan, Mexico EART
BASSETT M.A. 1979 Vacant lot cultivation : community gardening in America, 1893-1978 EART
BASSETT Ph.D. 1984 Food, peasantry and the state in the Northern Ivory Coast : 1898- 1982 EART
BASSIN Ph.D. 1983 A Russian Mississippi? : a political-geographical inquiry into the vision of Russia on the Pacific 1840-1865 EART
BAUER M.A. 1952 Marine terraces between Salmon Creek and Stewarts Point, Sonoma County, California EART
BAXTER Ph.D. 1975 Garimpeiros of Poxoreo : small scale diamond miners and their environment in Brazil EART
BECK Ph.D. 1985 Environmental determinism in twentieth century America geography : reflections in the professional journals EART
BELIL M.A. 1985 Subcontracting networks : an alternative form of capitalist organization EART
BENDER Ph.D. 1986 Flying on the "cheap" : the morphogenesis of affordable airline transportation in America EART
BERG Ph.D. 1976 Second homes on the national forests : changing patterns and values of recreational land use in California EART
BERMAN M.A. 1989 Puerto Rico's "operation bootstrap" : an historical analysis of a model for development EART
BERMAN Ph.D. 1993 Kicking off the bootstraps environment, development and community power in Puerto Rico EART
BERNHARDSON M.A. 1982 Natural resources in an Andean pastoral economy : the Aymara of Parinacota, Chile EART
BERNHARDSON Ph.D. 1989 Land and life in the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) EART
BISHOP M.A. 1966 Southern Nevada: the continuing frontier EART
BLUMENSTOCK Ph.D. 1943 Drought lengths and frequencies in the United States EART
BLUMLER M.A. 1984 Climate and the annual habit EART
BLUMLER Ph.D. 1992 Seed weight and environment in Mediterranean-type grasslands in California and Israel EART
BOULGER M.A. 1938 The Kings River fan : a geographical interpretation EART
BOWDEN ? 1967 The dynamics of city growth : an historical geography of the San Francisco Central District, 1850-1931 EART
BOWEN M.A. 1966 Evolution of a cultural landscape : the Valley Fruit District of Solano County, California EART
BOWEN Ph.D. 1972 Migration and settlement on a far western frontier EART
BRATTEN M.A. 1967 Federal land grants benefiting the University of California EART
BRECHIN Ph.D. 1998 Imperial San Francisco : the environmental impact of urban elites upon the Pacific Basin EART
BRETON M.A. 1981 The symbolism of production and exchange in the agricultural rituals of primitive societies : the case study of the Trobriand Islands EART
BROWER M.A. 1982 Policy and power : the forest service and the range sheep industry in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming EART
BROWER Ph.D. 1987 Livestock and landscape : the Sherpa pastoral system in Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park, Nepal EART
BROWN Ph.D. 1970 Class aspects of residential development and choice in the Oakland Black Community EART
BRUNCKHORST M.A. 1984 Intersections and interstitial realms : Tirto Adhi Soerjo (1880-1918) in the becoming of Indonesia EART
BUNKSE M.A. 1966 The Humboldt Bay Region: a study of pioneer transportation EART
BUNKSE Ph.D. 1973 The earth, the forest, and the sea, or landscape attitudes of the Latvian folk EART
BURCHAM Ph.D. 1956 Historical geography of the range livestock industry of California EART
CALLOWAY M.A. 1961 The settlement of Barbados and the establishment of the plantation economy, 1627-1680 EART
CARDELLINO M.A. 1984 Industrial location : a case study of the California fruit and vegetable canning industry, 1860 to 1984 EART
CARLISLE Ph.D. 2007 Environment and security in the Aral Sea Basin EART
CARTIER M.A. 1985 Preserving Bukit China : cultural conflict in historic Melaka EART
CARTIER Ph.D. 1991 Mercantile cities on the south China coast : Ningbo, Fuzhou, and Xiamen, 1840-1930 EART
CERMAKIAN M.A. 1964 The cement industry in Chile : a study in economic geography EART
CERMAKIAN Ph.D. 1967 The canalization of the Moselle River: a study in the historical geography of transportation EART
CHOW M.A. 1970 Urban evolution in the northern Sierra foothills EART
CHRISTOPHERSON Ph.D. 1983 Family and class in the new industrial city EART
CLAPP M.A. 1987 Representing reciprocity, reproducing domination : ideology and the labor process in Latin American contract farming EART
CLAPP Ph.D. 1993 The forest at the end of the world : the transition from old-growth to plantation forestry in Chile EART
CLARKE M.A. 1959 The vegetation cover of the San Francisco Bay Region in the early Spanish period EART
CLARKE Ph.D. 1968 The Ndwimba Basin, Bismarck Mountains, New Guinea: place and people EART
CLAUS Ph.D. 1969 The spatial dynamics of a population of gasoline service stations EART
COCHRANE M.A. 1991 Deconstructing 'African AIDS' : an analysis of the production of scientific knowledge EART
COCHRANE Ph.D. 1997 The social construction of knowledge(s) on HIV and AIDS : with a case study of the history and practices of AIDS surveillance activities in San Francisco EART
COFFIN Ph.D. 1961 Marine influence on the climate of southern California in summer EART
COLE M.A. 1997 Industrial districts and development in the third Italy : The case of Cento EART
COLLETT M.A. 1962 Insolation on slopes EART
CONSERVA M.A. 2000 A paleoecological record from Laguns Atezca, Hidalgo on the northern frontier of Mesoamerica EART
COOK M.A. 1988 Ice age in the subtropic : the climate and vegetation of Taiwan during the last glacial maximum EART
COOK Ph.D. 1993 The historical biogeography and phylogeny of sika deer (Cervus nippon) in East Asia EART
COPLEY M.A. 1967 An historical geography of the dairy industry of Stanislaus County, California EART
COURT Ph.D. 1956 Statistical bases of wind analysis EART
CRADDOCK Ph.D. 1994 Diseases on the margin : morphologies of Tuberculosis and Smallpox in San Francisco, 1860-1940 EART
DAVIS Ph.D. 2002 Sardine oil on troubled water : the boom and bust of California's sardine industry, 1905-1955 EART
DECASTRO M.A. 1985 The organization of informal production in urban economies EART
DENEVAN M.A. 1958 The upland pine forests of Nicaragua EART
DENEVAN Ph.D. 1963 The aboriginal settlement of the Llanos de Mojos: a seasonally inundated Savanna in Northeastern Bolivia EART
DENT M.A. 1966 Irrigation pumping and pump manufacturing in California EART
DEPREE M.A. 1979 The wheelchair-bound : a time-geographic perspective EART
DILLON Ph.D. 1976 A struggle to survive : commercial navigation in California's central valley EART
DINGEMANS Ph.D. 1975 The townhouse in the suburbs : a study of changing urban morphology and social space in American suburbs, 1960-1974 EART
DOBKIN M.A. 1979 The great sand park : the origin of Golden Gate Park EART
DOBKIN Ph.D. 1985 Biography formation and daily life in a frontier city : the joint constitution of society and subjects in San Francisco, 1848-1858 EART
DORN B.A. 1980 Characteristics and origin of rock varnish EART
DORN M.A. 1982 Dating rock varnish EART
DOUGHTY Ph.D. 1971 Feather fashions and bird preservation : a study in nature protection EART
DULL Ph.D. 2001 El bosque perdido ; a cultural-ecological history of holocene environmental change in western El Salvador EART
DUNN M.A. 1985 Morphology and evolution of sand dunes at Mono Lake, California EART
EDLUND M.A. 1991 Reconstruction of late quaternary vegetation and climate at Lake Moran, Central Sierra Nevada, California EART
EDWARDS M.A. 1957 Quintana Roo : Mexico's empty quarter EART
EDWARDS Ph.D. 1962 Aboriginal water-craft of western South America: distribution, history and problems of origin EART
EICHEL Ph.D. 1975 Dalmatia in microcosm : an historical geography of changing land use on Brac, Yugoslavia EART
EICHNER M.A. 1995 Seeking security, defending development : the South Manchuria Railway Company, Minami Manshu Tetsudo Kabushiki Kaisha--background, impulse, trajectory EART
ELEY M.A. 1984 Pau ka wiliwili, nahu' ka mano : the history of the Hawaiian shark fishery EART
ELGIE M.A. 1966 The development of San Francisco manufacturing, 1848-1880 : an analysis of regional locational factors and urban spatial structure EART
ELGIE Ph.D. 1976 Racial inequality within a socio-spatial system : the southeastern U.S., 1950-1970 EART
ELLEFSEN Ph.D. 1968 The milk supply of major Indian cities EART
ELLISON Ph.D. 1992 Mangrove response to rising sea-level, Bermuda EART
EMORY M.A. 1985 Perception and development of the Brazilian Pantanal EART
ERICKSON Ph.D. 1965 The morphology of lumber settlements in western Oregon and Washington EART
ESPINET M.A. 1983 Creating a new middle landscape : ideals and practice in the provision of urban open space in the United States EART
EXLINE Ph.D. 1978 The impacts of growth control legislation on two suburan communities : Marin and Sonoma Counties, California EART
FEARING M.A. 1986 Industrialization and daily bread : bakeries and household provisioning in Oakland, 1860-1930 EART
FELTON Ph.D. 1978 The energy budget of a south San Francisco tidal salt marsh EART
FERRARIO Ph.D. 1976 The tourist landscape : a method of evaluating tourist potential and its application to South Africa EART
FIGARO M.A. 1991 Indonesia's clove cigarette industry EART
FISH Ph.D. 1980 El cultivo de roza : shifting cultivation in a dry forest of northwest Mexico EART
FLETCHER M.A. 1982 The Mono Basin in the nineteenth century : discovery, settlement, land use EART
FLOYD Ph.D. 1976 Attitudes toward nature in Swedish folklore EART
FONDAHL M.A. 1983 The demise of the Norse Greenland colonies EART
FONDAHL Ph.D. 1989 Native economy and northern development : reindeer husbandry in transbaykalia EART
FOSTER Ph.D. 1975 The location and function of mobile-home parks : the case of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area EART
FOX M.A. 1958 The morphology of the Elross Lake Area, Quebec-Labrador EART
FREEMAN M.A. 1995 Contested Nicaraguas : the construction of hegemony in the landscape of Post-Sandinista Managua EART
FREEMAN Ph.D. 2002 Face to face but worlds apart : The geography of class in the public space of Rio de Janeiro EART
FREIDBERG M.A. 1991 Market women and state violence in West Africa EART
FREIDBERG Ph.D. 1996 Making a living : a social history of market-garden work in the regional economy of Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso EART
FRENKEL Ph.D. 1967 Adventive vegetation on certain California roadsides EART
FRIIS M.A. 1936 Pioneer settlement of Sakhalin Island : a study in settlement morphology and rural economy EART
GALT B.A. 1999 Agriculture, soil, and civilization : cultural ecology of the Mediterranean during roman times EART
GARDNER M.A. 1993 Environmental justice organizing and economic change in the Southern United States : an inquiry into the limits of theory EART
GAUBATZ M.A. 1986 The geography of neighborhood change : Idora Park in the twentieth century EART
GAUBATZ Ph.D. 1989 Beyond the Great Wall : China's multi-cultural frontier cities EART
GEORGE Ph.D. 1972 Spatial diffusion : an intra-urban case study EART
GERHART M.A. 2002 Growth versus green : the history of citizen land conservation in Marin County, California EART
GODFREY M.A. 1979 Road to the Xingu : frontier settlement on southern Para, Brazil EART
GODFREY Ph.D. 1984 Inner-city neighborhoods in transitions : the morphogenesis of San Francisco's ethnic and nonconformist communities EART
GOMAN M.A. 1992 Paleoecological evidence for prehistoric agriculture and tropical forest clearance in Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico EART
GOMAN Ph.D. 1996 A history of holocene environmental change in the San Francisco Estuary EART
GORDON Ph.D. 1954 Human geography and ecology in the Sinu Country of Colombia EART
GRANT B.A. 1980 An alternative tourism strategy versus the tourism industry : The development bind of St. Vincent and Grenadines EART
GRAVES M.A. 1969 Azorean Portuguese : a study of the Portuguese dairymen in the San Joaquin Valley of California EART
GREENBERG B.A. 1981 Women, witches, and the domination of nature : structures of exploitation and oppression EART
GREENBERG Ph.D. 1986 Growth and conflict at the suburban fringe : the case of the Livermore-Amador Valley EART
GREGORY M.A. 1972 The Turks Islands salt trade and industry: an historical economic geography EART
GRIGGS M.A. 1988 Territory and national identity : the Catalan example EART
GRIGGS Ph.D. 1993 The role of Fourth World Nations and synchronous geopolitical factors in the breakdown of states EART
GRODSKY M.A. 1986 The structure and evolution of international mining agreements : application to the potential development of deep-sea polymetallic sulfides EART
GROTH Ph.D. 1983 Forbidden housing : the evolution and exclusion of hotels, boarding houses, rooming houses, and lodging houses in American cities, 1880-1930 EART
GROVES Ph.D. 1972 The intrametropolitan location of manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay area EART
GUTHMAN M.A. 1995 Environmental crisis and development discourse in the Nepal Himalaya EART
GUTHMAN Ph.D. 2000 Agrarian dreams? : the paradox of organic farming in California EART
GWAN Ph.D. 1975 Types, processes and policy implications of the various migrations in Western Cameroon EART
HALE Ph.D. 1984 Reassessment of the Death Valley-Colorado River overflow hypothesis in light of new evidence EART
HALLINAN M.A. 1968 The Portuguese of California EART
HARMS Ph.D. 1983 Cirques of the Marble Mountains, Northwestern California EART
HARRIES M.A. 1956 Cornish and Welsh mining settlements in California EART
HARRIS Ph.D. 1963 Plants, animals, and man in the outer Leeward Islands, West Indies: an ecological study of Antigua, Barbuda, and Anguilla EART
HARRIS M.A. 1967 Worldwide patterns of seasonal variation in the consumption of electrical energy EART
HAYES B.A. 1989 Learning from the landscape : addressing issues on historic site designation in California EART
HECHT Ph.D. 1982 Cattle ranching development in the Eastern Amazon : evaluation of a development policy EART
HEIMAN Ph.D. 1983 Regional planning and land use reform for conservation and development in New York State EART
HELGESON Ph.D. 1978 Soviet internal migration and its regulation since Stalin : the controlled and the uncontrollable EART
HENDERSON Ph.D. 1973 The development of central Queensland : regional growth in a resource frontier EART
HENDERSON Ph.D. 1980 Farm and forest on the Dorrigo : a historical-ecological study of land use conflict in northern New South Wales EART
HERNANDEZ M.A. 1970 The Andean passes between Chile and Argentina: a study in historical geography EART
HERR Ph.D. 1977 Economic growth and population relocation : the determinants of settlement evolution in northern Spain, 1860 to 1900 EART
HERSHKOVITZ M.A. 1981 Geography and imperialism : the Royal Geographical Society at the back door to China EART
HERTZ M.A. 1991 Planning the plowshare : power and decisionmaking in the conversion of military bases of civilian use EART
HERWITZ M.A. 1979 The regeneration of selected tropical wet forest tree species in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica EART
HIDALGO M.A. 1991 Intensification of agriculture within the basin of Mexico during the Aztec period EART
HIRSCH M.A. 1989 Country Music : song and the politics of uneven development in Hungary at the turn of the century EART
HOFFMANN Ph.D. 2001 Reefs of life to reefs of death : the political ecology of coral reef health EART
HOLMES M.A. 1976 The effects of human trampling and urine on subalpine vegetation, a survey of past and present backcountry use, and the ecological carrying capacity of wilderness, Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada, U.S.A. EART
HOM B.A. 1990 Protestant missions to china in the ninteenth century : evangelism and cultural transformation via the mission school and college EART
HORN M.A. 1983 Late quaternary vegetation change in western Costa Rica : pollen evidence from deep sea drilling project site 565 EART
HORN Ph.D. 1986 Fire and paramo vegetation in the Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica EART
HOWARD M.A. 1986 Agricultural land preservation in the Solano irrigation district EART
HOWARD Ph.D. 2004 Freshwater mussels in California Coast Range rivers : abiotic control and functional role EART
HOWATT M.A. 1968 A historical geography of Alpine County, California and the "Alpine-Nevada alliance." EART
HSU Ph.D. 1994 A grid-based model for predicting soil depth and shallow landslides EART
HSU Ph.D. 1997 A late-industrial district? : Learning network in the Hsinchu science-based Industrial Park, Taiwan EART
HU M.A. 1935 The historical occupancy and economic prospect of the Tarim Basin EART
HUANG Ph.D. 1990 Spatial and temporal climatic variations in the tropical Atlantic and their relationships to ENSO EART
HUFFMANN Ph.D. 1993 Subsistence in transition : indigenous agriculture in Amazonas, Venezuela EART
HUSMANN M.A. 1991 Early cultural contacts in southwestern China : evidence from the book of the southern barbarians EART
HUSMANN Ph.D. 1997 Falling lands, rising nations : environmental-nationalism in China and Central Asia EART
INNIS Ph.D. 1959 Human ecology in Jamaica EART
JAGGAR B.A. 2002 In the spirit : the relevance of the local-beer industry and Sufi movements in understanding socio-political transformations in the contemporary Tanzania EART
JAROSZ M.A. 1987 The "traffic in women" : buying and selling labor power in African contract farming EART
JAROSZ Ph.D. 1990 Rice on shares : agrarian change and the development of sharecropping in Alaotra, Madagascar EART
JOHANNESSEN Ph.D. 1959 The geography of the Savannas of interior Honduras EART
JOHANSON M.A. 1969 The location of high-rise commercial office buildings in San Francisco and the internal system of occupance EART
JOHNSTONE M.A. 2002 Variability and change in the daily frequency and intensity of winter precipitation in the Western United States, 1901-1997 EART
JONES M.A. 1987 Analytical overview of the property development industry EART
JONES Ph.D. 1998 Unnatural developments : gendered spaces and childbirth places in the Dominican Republic EART
JORDAN Ph.D. 1977 The geography of consumer economics among black Americans in Oakland : a cultural-behavioral perspective EART
KESHEN B.A. 1979 Growth dilemmas in the rural-urban fringe : a case study of the Golden Horseshoe Region of south-central Ontario EART
KOOSER Ph.D. 1981 Regulation and system interdependence : effects on the siting of California electrical energy facilities EART
KOSEK Ph.D. 2002 The political life of forests in northern New Mexico EART
KOSHEAR M.A. 1987 Hopi agriculture : environmental and cultural change EART
KOWALSKI B.A. 1989 Water diversions : An answer to the Soviet Union's regional water crisis EART
KRAMER M.A. 1953 Idaho town names EART
KRAMER Ph.D. 1957 Distributions of primitive tillage EART
KRANTZ Ph.D. 1994 A phytogeography of San Bernardino mountains, San Bernardino County, California EART
KROGZEMIS Ph.D. 1968 A historical geography of the Santa Marta area, Colombia EART
KRUPAR Ph.D. 2007 Shanghaiing the future EART
LAMOUREUX Ph.D. 2002 I can't participate and do what I want : female labor militancy in South Korea EART
LARSON Ph.D. 1994 The energy economy of northwestern New Mexico with special reference to uranium development EART
LEE Ph.D. 1991 The generation of sacrifice : modernization and Korean farmers EART
LEE M.A. 1993 Illusion of autonomy : the impacts of nontraditional export agriculture on small farmers in Guatemala EART
LEV-ARI Ph.D. 1983 Corporate growth and locational interdependence : a bibliography EART
LEVENSON M.A. 1989 Space, power and knowledge in the Arctic : the place of the inuit on a U.S.-Soviet geopolitical frontier EART
LEWIS Ph.D. 1981 Ciguatera, health, and human adaptation in the island pacific EART
LEWIS M.A. 1985 Common losses : transformations of commonland and peasant livelihood in Tokugawa Japan, 1603-1868 EART
LEWIS M.A. 1985 Elusive societies : a theory of small-scale socio-territorial organization, with particular reference to the peoples of the Cordillera of Northern Luzon, the Philippines EART
LEWIS Ph.D. 1987 Mansida in Buguias : economic, ecological, and ideological transformations in the Philippine Cordillera EART
LIANG M.A. 1964 Potentiality for water use and economic development of the Yangtze Basin EART
LIEBMAN Ph.D. 1981 The evolution of large agricultural landholdings in California EART
LIZARRAGA M.A. 1993 Binational agroindustry in northwest Mexico : a geography of the Mexico-US fresh produce trade EART
LOBB M.A. 1966 Trade and transportation in the highlands of western Guatemala : an historical geography EART
LOCHHEAD Ph.D. 1980 The emergence of academic geography in Britain in its historical context EART
LOUGHMAN M.A. 1967 National parks, wilderness areas, and recreation in the southern Sierra Nevada, California : a historical geography EART
LOYD M.A. 2001 Towards a political geography of health : a multi-scalar health politics EART
MACKINNON M.A. 1967 The historical geography of settlement in the foothills of Toulumne County, California EART
MACPHERSON Ph.D. 1971 The human geography of Alexander von Humboldt EART
MALAMUD M.A. 1993 The case of independent origins of agriculture in China EART
MALAMUD-ROAM Ph.D. 2002 A late holocene history of vegetation change in San Francisco estuary marshes using stable carbon isotopes and pollen analysis EART
MARBURG Ph.D. 1984 Man's role, woman's place : images of women in human geography EART
MARR M.A. 1955 Industrial geography of the San Francisco North Bay area EART
MARR Ph.D. 1967 Impact of irrigation of urban structure EART
MAY M.A. 1999 Vegetation and salinity changes over the last 2000 years at two islands in the northern San Francisco Estuary, California EART
MCCARTHY Ph.D. 1999 The political and moral economics of Wise Use EART
MCCLAIN M.A. 1954 The distribution of asparagus production in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta EART
MCDONALD M.A. 1985 Rice in Hokkaido : establishment and persistence at Japan's northern extreme EART
MCDONALD Ph.D. 1990 Displacing rice : factories in the fields of farm power in Tohoku, Japan EART
MCGEE M.A. 1979 Colonial organization and regional development : factors in the historical geography of the American southwest EART
MCILRATH B.A. 1993 Pinus Coulteri ; recent population changes at the northern edge of the range EART
MCLENNAN Ph.D. 1973 Peasant and hacendero in Nueva Ecija : the socio-economic origins of a Philippine commercial rice-growing region EART
MELCON B.A. 1973 The morphology and implications of the double planation process EART
MENKEN B.A. 1976 The exploration and early history of the upper Tuolumne River basin EART
MENSING M.A. 1988 Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii) regeneration in the Tehachapi mountains, Kern county, California EART
MERRILL Ph.D. 1977 American involvement and the resurgence in the Australian cotton growing industry, 1962-1972 EART
MERRILL-CARTER M.A. 1995 The mirror of desire : vision and image in Manet's Olympia and the contemporary African migration to Italy EART
MICHAELSEN M.A. 1977 North Pacific Sea surface temperatures and California precipitation EART
MICHAELSEN Ph.D. 1982 Large-scale, long period ocean-atmosphere interactions in the North Pacific region EART
MILLER Ph.D. 1979 A time-geographic assessment of the impact of horsecar transportation on suburban non-heads-of-household in Philadelphia, 1850-1860 EART
MILLIKAN M.A. 1988 The dialectics of devastation : tropical deforestation, land, degradation, and society in Rondonia, Brazil EART
MILUKAS Ph.D. 1987 Energy flow in a secondary city : a case study of Nakuru, Kenya EART
MITCHELL M.A. 1989 The impact of national and regional policy on the transformation of Pearl River Delta EART
MITCHELL Ph.D. 1993 Facing capital : cultural politics in Vancouver EART
MONTEVERDI Ph.D. 1978 A meteorological analysis of the variability of precipitation in the Great Plains, U.S.A. EART
MOORE B.A. 1993 Geomorphology study in the Sheep Hole Mountains of southern California : examining the relationship between late quaternary climate changes and depositional landforms EART
MULDAVIN M.A. 1987 Mining the Chinese earth : sustainability and agricultural transformation in post-Mao China EART
MULDAVIN Ph.D. 1992 China's decade of rural reforms : the impact of agrarian change on sustainable development EART
MUNSON M.A. 1933 Aboriginal economic geography of the Hopi EART
MURPHY M.A. 1979 Some aspects of urban water management in Guatemala City EART
MURPHY Ph.D. 1983 Irrigation in the Bajio region of colonial Mexico EART
MURPHY M.A. 1992 The geomorphology and evolution of the Motu of Moorea, French Polynesia EART
NEDEFF M.A. 1984 The historic extent of riparian forest vegetation along the lower Stantislaus River, California EART
NELSON Ph.D. 1984 Back offices and female labor markets : office suburbanization in the San Francisco Bay Area EART
NICHOLS Ph.D. 2002 Saints, peaches and wine: Mexican migrants and the transformation of Los Haro, Zacatecas and Napa, California EART
NIDA M.A. 1935 The Escondido-San Pasqual-San Bernardo area; a study in the historical geography of San Diego county, California EART
OGBONNA Ph.D. 1979 The geographic consequences of petroleum in Nigeria with special reference to the Rivers State EART
OMALLEY M.S. 1992 Divided but not conquered : political economy, ideology, and urban development in Berlin, 1948-1990 EART
OMALLEY Ph.D. 1997 Plumbing the body politic : a political ecology of water and waste in Berlin, 1850-1880 EART
ORGAN M.A. 1989 Truxton, Virginia, 1918-1921 : The all-black town phenomenon re-visited at a critical juncture in its evolution and the reconstruction of African-American urban historical geography EART
ORVIS M.A. 1985 Modern surface pollen and the tropical margin of the Sonoran Desert EART
ORVIS Ph.D. 1992 Probabilistic physiographic approach to modeling summer rainfall in the Sonoran Desert EART
PAGE M.A. 1988 Cornbelt industrialization and urban growth : an historical geography of Wapello County, Iowa EART
PAGENHART Ph.D. 1969 Water use in the Yuba and Bear River Basins, California EART
PARSONS Ph.D. 1948 Antioqueno colonization in Western Colombia : an historical geography EART
PEDERSON Ph.D. 1965 The mining industry of the Norte Chico, Chile EART
PEDERSON Ph.D. 1974 Land subdivision, land speculations, and urban form : an essay on urban morphology EART
PEET Ph.D. 1968 The spatial expansion of commercial agriculture in the nineteenth century: a theoretical analysis of British import zones and the movement of farming into the interior United States EART
PENNINGTON Ph.D. 1959 The material culture of the Tarahumar and their environment EART
PETTY B.A. 2005 Spectacular exponent of mass distribution : the origins and growth
of the American supermarket
PEYTON B.A. 2007 Lost and located: Travel and spatial knowledge in the San Francisco Bay Area EART
PHILLIPS M.A. 1965 Food sources in China, Manchuria, and Mongolia during prehistoric times EART
POLHEMUS M.A. 1982 Agricultural laborers and their organizations in central Chile EART
POMEROY M.A. 1987 Tourism and tradition : craft production and the cultural geography of highland Michoacan EART
PRICE M.A. 1984 Rajneeshpuram and the American Utopian tradition EART
PRIESTAF Ph.D. 1983 Sacramento River seepage : alternative mitigating measures EART
PROCTOR M.A. 1989 Growth beyond limits? : Resource sufficiency in rural Swaziland, 1947 to 2000 EART
PROCTOR Ph.D. 1992 The owl, the forest, and the trees : eco-ideological conflict in the Pacific Northwest EART
PUDUP M.A. 1983 Packers and reapers, merchants and manufacturers : industrial structuring and location in an era of emergent capitalism EART
QUESADA M.A. 1985 The agricultural lands and farming practices of Mission San Jose : 1820-1830 EART
RABURN Ph.D. 1988 Motor freight and urban morphogenesis with reference to California and the West EART
RADA M.A. 1978 Man and agriculture in Alaska EART
RADEMACHER M.A. 1973 Evolution of the landscape in the Flicker Ridge area, Contra Costa County, California : a physical geography EART
RADLEY M.A. 1960 The physical geography of the East Coast of Nicaragua EART
RAINEY M.A. 1978 Smallness and insularity, impacts and adaptations : an historical perspective from Anegada, British Virgin Islands EART
RAMON M.A. 1970 Recent developments in the marine fisheries of Cuba with case studies from the gulf of Batabano and the Harbor of Surgidero EART
RAYMOND B.A. 1979 The south fork American River (Sofar) project : description and analysis EART
REED Ph.D. 1972 Origins of the Philippine city : a comparative inquiry concerning indigenous southeast Asian settlement and Spanish colonial urbanism EART
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