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Reading Room Unbound Journals

The following high-use journal titles are located in the unbound section of the library's Reading Room. These journals circulate for one day. Older, bound editions of these titles will be found in the stacks, under the same call number.

AAPG Bulletin TN1.A46
Abstracts With Programs QE1.G45.A2
American Journal of Science Q1.A5
American Mineralogist QE351.A7
Annales Geophysicae. Atmospheres, Hydrospheres… QC801.A6544
Annals-Association of American Geographers G3.A8
Antipode G1.A67
Applied Geochemistry * QE514.A66
Arctic G600.A695
Atmospheric Research * QC880.A1.J65
Basin Research QE472.B37
Boundary Layer Meteorology * QC880.A1.B77
Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France QE1.S6
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society QC851.A65
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America QE531.S4
Bulletin Of Volcanology QE521.5.I6
California Geographer G1.C275
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences QE1.C33
Canadian Mineralogist QE351.C2
Catena * GB400.C3
Chemical Geology * QE515.A1.C48
Clay Minerals QE420.C5
Clays and Clay Minerals TN941.A1.C4
Climate Dynamics * QC851.C54
Climate Research QC851.C42
Climatic Change QC981.8.C5.C55
Comptes Rendus. Geoscience * QE1.C7724
Computers and Geosciences * QE48.8.A1.C6
Continental Shelf Research * GC85.C65
Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology * QE351.H4
Cretaceous Research * QE685.A1.C7
Cultural Geographies GF1.E28
Daily Weather Maps - Weekly Series QC983.A26b
Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceans * GC1.D33
Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies In Oceanography * GC1.D34
Earth & Planetary Science Letters QE1.E17
Earth Surface Processes & Landforms GB400.E15
Economic Geology QE1.E35
Environment International * HC79.E5.E573
Environmental Geochemistry & Health * TD195.M5.M56
Environmental Geology QE1.E57
Eos - American Geophysical Union Transactions QC801.A56
European Journal of Mineralogy QE351.S62
Gender, Place and Culture GF1.G44
Geochemistry International QE515.A1.G38
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta QE515.A1.G4
Geoforum G1.G119
Geographical Journal G1.G14
Geological Magazine QE1.G4
Geological Society of America Bulletin QE1.G45
Geology QE1.G6515
Geology Today QE1.G464
Geomorphology * GB400.G465
Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics QC809.F5.A1.G46
Geophysical Journal International QC801.G391
Geophysical Prospecting QE500.G37
Geophysical Research Letters QC801.G433
Geophysics QE500.G4
Geospatial Solutions G70.2 G465
Geothermal Resources Council Bulletin HD9682.U53.G3
Geothermics * QE500.G465
Geotimes QE1.G665
Geoworld G70.2G575
Global & Planetary Change QE1.G715
Global Environmental Change * HC79.E5.G593
Ground Water TD403.A1.G7
Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation GB1001.G76
GSA Today QE1.G196
Holocene QE699.H62
Hydrological Processes GB651.H78
International Geology Review QE1.I78
International Journal of Climatology QC980.J6
International J. of Geographical Information Science G70.2.I58
International J. of Imaging Systems and Technology TK8315.I59
International Journal of Meteorology QC851.J615
JGR. Sect.A: Space Physics QC811.T32
JGR. Sect.B: Solid Earth QC811.T33
JGR. Sect.C: Oceans QC811.T344
JGR. Sect.D: Atmospheres QC811.T346
JGR. Sect.E: Planets QC811.T347
JGR. Sect.F: Earth Surface QC811.T348
JGR. Sect.G: Biogeosciences QH343.7.J67
Journal of Applied Crystallography * QD901.J6
Journal of Applied Geophysics * QC801.G35
Journal of Applied Meteorology * QC851.J573
Journal of Arid Environments * GB611.J6
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology QC851.J66
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry QC879.6.J86
Journal of Climate QC851.J573
Journal of Coastal Research QH541.5.C65.J86
Journal of Geochemical Exploration * QE515.A1.J6
Journal of Geography G1.J84
Journal of Geology QE1.J6
Journal of Glaciology GB2401.J68
Journal of Historical Geography G141.J6
Journal of Paleolimnology QE39.5.P3.J68
Journal of Petrology QE420.J59
Journal of Quaternary Science * QE696.A1.J68
Journal of Sedimentary Research QE420.J69
Journal of South American Earth Sciences * QE230.J68
Journal of Structural Geology * QE601.A1.J6
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences QC851.J6
Journal of the Geological Society [London] QE1.G5
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research * QE521.5.J6
Leading Edge TN269.G414
Marine Geology * QE33.A1.M3
Mathematical Geology QE43.A1.I58.J6
Meteoritics & Planetary Science QB1.M35
Mineralogical Magazine QE351.M5
Mineralogical Record QE351.M513
Monthly Weather Review * QC851.U5
Mountain Research and Development GB500.M68
National Geographic G1.N3
Natural Resources Forum * HC55.N38
Nature Q1.N2
Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie. Abhandlungen QE1.N415
Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie. Monatshefte QE1.N37
NSS News GB601.N2
Oceanologica Acta * GC1.O336
Ore Geology Reviews * TN263.O74
Organic Geochemistry * QE516.5.O7
Paleoceanography QE39.5.P25.P15
Physical Geography G1.P57
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals * QE351.P45
Physics of the Earth & Planetary Interiors QC801.P46
PreCambrian Research * QE653.P7
Professional Geographer G1.P68
Progress In Human Geography GF1.P76
Progress In Oceanography * GC1.P7
Progress In Physical Geography G1.P686
Pure & Applied Geophysics * QC801.G37
Quarterly J. of Engineering Geology & Hyrogeology TA705.A1.Q3
Quarterly J. of the Royal Meteorological Society QC851.R6
Quaternary International * QE696.A1.Q3
Quaternary Research QE696.A1.Q35
Quaternary Science Reviews * QE696.Q3551
River Research and Applications TC530.R43
Reviews of Geophysics QC801.R38
Science Q1.S33
Science In China. Series D, Earth Sciences QE1.S327
Sedimentary Geology * QE581.A1.S4
Sedimentology QE581.A1.S43
Seismological Research Letters QE531.S42
Surveys In Geophysics * QC801.G44
Tectonics / American Geophysical Union QE500.T35
Tectonophysics QE500.T38
Tellus: Series B, Chemical And Physical Meteorology QC851.T48
Terra Nova QE1.T472
Theoretical and Applied Climatology QC851.A732
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers G7.I62
Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Earth Sciences Q41.E42
Water Resources Research TD1.W33
Weather QC851.W4
Weather and Forecasting * QC994.95.W35
Weatherwise QC851.W43
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft QE1.D4
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie QE1.Z36
Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie QD901.Z4

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