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This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART

After Hours Book Return
Borrowers' Responsibilities
Damage Disclaimer

Borrowing materials from the Earth Sciences and Map Library

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has open stacks for maps, air photos, books, and journals. All users are welcome and encouraged to come to the library to browse the collections and use materials. Maps are shelved in five areas of the library: Case B (large flat maps), Case D (smaller flat maps), Case 2 (folded maps), rolled, and folded maps shelved in the book stacks. High use journals are shelved in alphabetical order by title in the reading room. Other journals and books are shelved in the book stacks.

The Circulation Desk charges material to patrons. All patrons must have a vaild UC Berkeley student, faculty or staff ID card or library card issued by the Privileges Desk in the Doe Library.

Loan periods vary based on material being charged.


With the exception of Reserves, material may be renewed by phone, in person, or via GLADIS. Recalled items may not be renewed and must be returned within 7 days (1 day for material that circulates for 1 day) of the recall notice. Borrowers are responsible for returning items by the due date or stated on a recall notice. Overdue material may be subject to fines and replacement charges.

After Hours Book Return

When the library is closed, books and bound journals can be returned to the library at either the book return on the north side of the library in the basement of McCone Hall:

Detail of McCone inside drop box

or the book return outside McCone Hall:

Location of EART outside drop box

Maps and disks (CD-ROMS, DVDs) cannot be returned in either book return. Patrons will be charged for any damaged incurred to maps and disks as a result of utilizing either book return. Maps and disks must be returned to the Circulation Desk during open hours.


If material cannot be found in the map cases or stacks, ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk. Material charged out to another patron can be recalled and held for patrons with a valid library card. Staff can conduct a search for items which you have been unable to locate. You will be notified of the results.

Borrowers' Responsibilities

Borrowers are responsible for library materials charged out to them until they are returned to the lending library. Borrowers must use their library card in order to charge out library materials. Borrowers are prohibited by library policy from lending their library card to others. Borrowers are responsible for maintaining a current address on file with the Library Privileges Desk. Borrowers planning to be away from their mailing address for a week or more should return materials to avoid recall fines. Borrowers should not leave the state of California with library items.

Damage Disclaimer

Borrowers are responsible for the condition of library materials that are charged out to their library account. Library materials that are severely damaged may be deemed non-circulating. Borrowers may be charged a fine for any damages that occur while materials are charged out. Fines that are assessed cover the cost of repair, and the amount of the fine varies depending on the damage. Pre-existing damages will be documented before charging out material. Borrowers need to note damages of material at time of charge-out to the Circulation Desk employee. Do not attempt to repair any damages on your own.

Examples of damage include:

  • Tears
  • Food/Mildew Damage
  • Pencil/Pen Marks
  • Post-it/Sticky Notes
  • Spine Damage
  • Tape, Glue, Adhesives, etc.
  • Missing Pages/Sheets
  • Liquid Damage

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