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This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART

This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART

Printed Materials
Electronic Resources
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Printed Materials

The Library's earth sciences collections are located in the Earth Sciences & Map Library, located in 50 McCone Hall. This library also houses the primary map collection on campus.

McCone Hall also houses the:

Related library collections on campus are located in the Engineering Library (engineering geology, mining and metallurgy); the Doe/Moffitt Libraries (climate data, social and cultural geography); the Marian Koshland Bioscience and Natural Resources Library (natural science, evolution, paleontology); the Water Resources Center Archives; and the Earthquake Engineering Research Center.

The Earth Sciences collection consists of more than 132,000 bound volumes, including atlases; 86,000 microforms; 58,000 geological maps; and 1,600 active journal subscriptions. Reference tools such as bibliographies, directories, encyclopedias, indexes, and abstracts aid in locating specific information. A listing of the more important reference titles is available. Information is actively collected in the following fields: geology, mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, geophysics, seismology, physical geography, geomorphology, glaciology, oceanography, meteorology, climatology, natural resources (mineral, petroleum, coal, water, geothermal), natural hazards, and paleontology (selectively).

The library is a Depository for all geological information published by the U.S. Geological Survey including:

A list of all online USGS Publications Series is available, as well as the Publications Warehouse, a searchable database of USGS citations and publications.

Publications of the California Geological Survey (formerly the California Division of Mines and Geology), the 49 other state geological surveys, as well as geological associations, foreign geological surveys and international organisations are collected in depth. Links to other geological surveys and organizations, as well as links to publishers, especially map publishers, are available.

Electronic Resources

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has a very large collection of CD-ROMs and DVDs pertaining to geology, geophysics, seismology, oceanography, and climate. Two CD-ROM/DVD workstations and one additional CD-ROM workstation are available for patron use. See the list of CD-ROMs and DVDs at the Earth Sciences & Map Library for more information and specific titles.

Local databases are collected selectively. They may be used on our CD-ROM/DVD workstations or borrowed for off-site use. Many remote databases are accessible through the California Digital Library system. The following remote databases are useful for earth science information:

The Earthquake Engineering Abstracts database (EEA) contains article citations and abstracts. The EEA database covers earthquake engineering and earthquake studies. Included are topics in structural dynamics, seismology, geology, architecture, political science, economics, planning, public policy, and hazards mitigation as they relate to earthquake studies. EEA includes records for journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, maps, videos, slides, and computer files. Records in the EEA database are provided by the National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, located at the Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC), UC Berkeley. The database includes records for materials published since 1971. New records are added quarterly.

GeoRef indexes and abstracts the worldwide literature on geology, including information on energy sources, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, ground water pollution, nuclear reactor sites, landslides, and erosion, as well as the history of the earth, the structure of the earth, the study of ore deposits, and geostatistics. GeoRef contains citations for journals, conference papers, theses, and other publications. A preview database, produced by the American Geological Institute is available. Citations cover the years 1785-present for geology of North America and the years 1933-present for geology of other areas.

Weather Underground
The WEATHER UNDERGROUND system is maintained by the University of Michigan College of Engineering. It includes weather information for the U.S., such as current temperatures and forecasts for U.S. cities, as well as ski reports, earthquake reports, hurricane warnings, and other information.

Web of Science
Web of Science includes Science, Social Science, and Arts and Humanities Citation Indexes. Each index is a multidisciplinary database searchable by topic, author, journal, address, and cited reference.

Internet Resources in Earth Sciences

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