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Printed Materials

The UC Berkeley Library's climatology collections are scattered in various campus locations, but a good starting place for finding materials is the Earth Sciences & Map Library, located in 50 McCone Hall.

The Earth Sciences & Map Library's collections in climatology include general printed works on climate and meteorology for various parts of the world. Books and periodicals on global climate change, climatic warming, atmospheric studies, and satellite weather monitoring data are also collected . In addition, the library acquires general climate atlases and maps, and general reference materials support the collection. A listing of the more important reference titles is available.

Other collections dealing with climatology may be found in the following library locations:

  • The Doe Library contains printed statistical climate data produced by various federal and foreign agencies. Doe/Moffitt Government Information Services, located in the Doe Library, will provide assistance on finding specific information.
  • Bioscience and Natural Resources Library collects climate information in the area of bioclimatology, as it pertains to agriculture and natural resources and particularly the effects of climate change on ecosystems. Climate data for California (in relation to crops and forestry) is of special importance.
  • Water Resources Center Archives collects technical information on freshwater, groundwater, coasts, estuaries and wetlands and contains many federal, state and local government reports, as well as publications from other Water Resources Centers. Information on floods and flooding can also be found here.

Internet and Electronic Resources

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