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Zhou, Peter 周欣平
Director and Assistant University Librarian
Email: pzhou@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-6579

Carothers, Sarah
Administrative Assistant
Email: scarothe@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0891

Chang, Jaeyong 장재용
Librarian for the Korean Collection
Email: jchang@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0652

Church, Maria 葛梅
Library Assistant for Chinese Cataloging
Email: mchurch@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-4073

Fu, Limin 傅莉敏
Library Assistant for Chinese Acquisitions
Email: lfu@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 642-9220

He, Jianye 何剑叶
Librarian for the Chinese Collection
Email: jhe@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0654

Iwabuchi, Sachiko 岩渕祥子
Library Assistant for Japanese Acquisitions
Email: sachiko@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-4073

Kobayashi, Tomoko 小林朝子
Access Services Coordinator, Information and Public Services
Email: tkobayas@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 642-3083

Lee, So Young 이 소영
Library Assistant for Korean Cataloging & Acquisitions
Email: slee@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0650

Lin, Fumei Chen 陳富美
Library Assistant for Chinese Cataloging
Email: fclin@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0650

Lin, Haiqing 林海青
Head, Technical Services
Email: hlin@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0892

Marra, Toshie マルラ俊江
Librarian for the Japanese Collection
Email: tmarra@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-0656

Nishizawa, Noriko 西沢紀子
Library Assistant for Japanese Cataloging
Email: nnishiza@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-4073

Pierce, Chikako T. 高橋千賀子
Serials Coordinator
Email: cpierce@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 642-9277

Rudolph, Deborah 鲁徳修
Executive Manager, Administrative and Editorial Services
Email: drudolph@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-9090

Williams, Bruce 魏立博
Reference Services Coordinator, Information and Public Services, and Western Language Selector
Email: bwilliam@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 642-3083

Xue, Susan 薛燕
Head, Information and Public Services, and Electronic Resources Librarian
Email: sxue@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-6327

Yu, Karen 余凯
Chinese Cataloging Librarian
Email: kyu@library.berkeley.edu
(510) 643-4017

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