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Stanford - Berkeley Cooperative Collection Agreements

The Libraries of Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley have a long history of cooperative collection building and sharing. In October 2012, Stanford University Librarian Michael Keller and Berkeley University Librarian Thomas Leonard entered into a signed agreement to formalize this highly effective program.

Library specialists in many fields have maintained informal agreements for sharing collection development responsibilities for more than thirty years, and an agreement for reciprocal borrowing and expedited delivery of materials for graduate students and faculty has also been in place for many decades. Library users on both campuses have benefitted from these arrangements and the collections of both institutions have been significantly shaped by the cooperative reliances which have emerged over the years.

The present documents build upon this successful model to formalize and augment cooperative collecting in the following academic disciplines and publication categories:

In addition to the above agreements between Stanford and Berkeley, there are a variety of additional agreements that extend partnerships to other UC Libraries as well.

Cooperative collecting is only as good as our ability to make items in these programs readily available to users at a partner campus. Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Texas, Austin, have a long-standing direct borrowing program, Research Library Cooperative Program allowing faculty and graduate students expedited access to the research collections at any of the three campuses.

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