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Spanish and Portuguese (Iberian Studies Collection)

Claude Potts (Europe)

Scope of Collection
The Spanish and Portuguese Collection (along with the Latin American Collection) supports the research needs of faculty, students, and scholars in and affiliated with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. The collection also supports a broad range of research and teaching in distinct departments such as Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Economics, English, Ethnic Studies, Film & Media Studies, Gender & Women's Studies, History, Linguistics, Near Eastern Studies, Political Science, Rhetoric, Sociology and academic programs in African Studies, Film Studies, International & Area Studies, Jewish Studies, Medieval Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Religious Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies.

The collection encompasses most subject areas for materials published in Spain and Portugal with a concentration on philology, literature, history, and culture extending from the early Middle Ages to the present. The collection also reflects a longstanding interest in historical treatments of Spain and Portugal in relation to other countries, in colonial periods, and especially in relation to Latin America.

Three initiatives in the Institute for European Studies — the Portuguese Studies Program, the Spanish Studies Program as well as Catalán and Occitan Studies Program — all depend on the Library's historic collecting of materials in vernacular languages and dialects spoken on the Iberian Peninsula apart from the predominant Castilian Spanish.

Besides established programs in Medieval Studies and Folklore, the Iberian collection also supports new cross-disciplinary Designated Emphases PhD programs in Critical Theory, Film & Media Studies, Gender & Womenís Studies, and Renaissance & Early Modern Studies that attract the nationís foremost graduate students.

Collection Strengths
While the collection is strong in all periods of Spanish history and literature, CatalŠn and Portuguese language, literature, and history aretwo of the collection's strengths vis ŗ vis other collections nationwide. According to the Berkeley/Stanford cooperative collecting agreements, Berkeley has agreed to take primary collection responsibility for Portugual and three regions in Spain: Catalunya, Valencia, and the Islas Baleares. UC Berkeley will continue collecting intensively for the medieval and early modern periods across Iberia and regardless of language.

Primary Languages and Formats
Digital and print for Spanish, Portuguese, Catalán, Basque/Euskera, Galician, and some Latin.

Special Collections
Transferred to Bancroft in 1998 from the Main Library, the Teatro Español Collection comprises over 4,000 plays published in Spain during the 19th century. See the article "Cataloging the Teatro Expanol Collection" in the Bancroftiana. The Fernán-Nuñéz Collection (1490-1800) from the archives of Dukes of Fernán-Nuñéz holds 225 volumes of literary political, diplomatic, and historical manuscripts. Medieval manuscripts in vernacular languages from the Iberian Peninsula, which have been partially digitized, can be viewed in the Digital Scriptorium.

The Spanish Civil War Materials: ephemera as well as books and pamphlets published in Spain from 1936-1938 were gifted to UCB in 1958. Other important collections include the Junius Adams Collection (a collection of radical political movements from the 1930s and 1940s in Italy and Spain), Câmara da Souza Collection (16th, 17th, and 18th century editions of Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish literature), Cebrián Collection (large collection on Spanish and Spanish American culture), Hill Collection and Hills Library (Spanish philology and literature), League of American Writers Archives (Spanish Civil War), and the extensive Manuel Nuñez de Arenas Collection (16th and 17th century Spanish documents, Spanish communist newspapers from 1921-22, intellectual, political, and social history of Spain).

Related Collections
Mainly Bancroft (for special collections and Latin Americana), Art History/Classics, Graduate Theological Union, Media Resources Center.

Also Anthropology, Environmental Design, Ethnic Studies, Music, Pacific Film Archive, South/Southeast Asian (for the Philippines, East Timor, Goa, Damão, etc.), and the Robbins Collection (Law).

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