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Social Welfare

Susan Edwards

Scope of Collection
The School of Social Welfare offers the M.S.W and the Ph.D. The School has joint degree programs with Law, Public Health, Public Policy, and International and Area Studies and offers a credential (Pupil Personnel Services Credential) for social workers in California K-12 schools. It also offers a very popular undergraduate group major.

Related research units include the Center for Social Services Research, the Bay Area Social Cervices Consortium, the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services, the Center for Comparative Family Welfare and Poverty Research, the Mack Center on Nonprofit Management in the Human Services, the Center for Child & Youth Policy, the California Social Work Education Center and the Mack Center on Mental Health & Social Conflict.

The collection focuses on social problems, social policy, and social programs social work and social welfare in a broad perspective. The emphasis is mostly on current research about the theory and practice of social welfare, but we collect some material with a historic focus as well. The School has a growing interest in social welfare policy outside of the United States, and we support this to the extent funds are available. Topics include child and family services, community mental health, gerontology services, health services agencies, non-profit management, planning of social services organizations and counseling. Special programs include the social welfare/law concurrent degree, and the school social work credential.

Primary Languages and Formats English, print and electronic.

Related Collections
Education/Psychology, Public Health, Doe (sociology), and Law.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Social Welfare Library.

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