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Slavic and East European Studies

(Includes Soviet and post-Soviet Studies)

Contact: Liladhar Pendse

Scope of Collection
The Slavic and East European Collections serve the academic units affiliated with the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. The largest of these is the Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures, however, faculty and graduate students served are included in History, Political Science, Economics, Music, Anthropology, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature. Also, unlike at most institutions of higher learning, scholars throughout the Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics make use of our world class Slavic holdings in these areas.

The major strength of the collection is in Russian and Soviet Studies, however research level collections also exist in Polish, Czech, and Hungarian in that order. To a lesser degree, though still of national significance are collections relation to the other countries that form Eastern Europe.

Special Collections
Russian Émigré Literature Collection, Masaryk-Benes Collection, Russian Women Writers Collection, The Miliukov Collection, the Russian Independent Press Collection.

Primary Languages and Formats
We collect in all of the Slavic Languages, as well as in language groups associated geographically, though not linguistically with the Slavic Language group. Some of the non-Slavic languages include the Baltic language group (Lithuanian and Latvian), the Finno-Ugric group (Estonian and Hungarian), the languages of the Caucasus (Armenian, Georgian, and Azeri), the languages of Central Asia (Kazakh, Turkmen, and Uzbek), etc. We also collect materials in Romanian/Moldovan, which is actually a Romance language. Slavic Studies topics not published in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are collected by other selectors, namely the USA/Commonwealth group and selectors affiliated with Area Studies (e.g. the French Selector).

Related Collections
There are Slavic collections in most Subject Specialty Libraries and the Law Library, which is part of the Affiliated Libraries group.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Slavic and Eastern European Studies.

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