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Susan Edwards

Scope of Collection
The collection primarily serves the Psychology Department which offers both a Ph.D. and undergraduate major. Additionally, the collection serves the campus as a whole since psychology is a broad field which overlaps with many others including Business, Social Welfare, Public Health, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, History, and Women and Gender Studies.

Key affiliated units of the Psychology Department include the Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, Wheeler Brain Imaging Center, Institute of Human Development, Institute for Personality and Social Research, Field Station for the Study of Behavior, Ecology and Reproduction, the Greater Good Science Center, and the Institute of Industrial Relations.

The five primary units for graduate training are:

The collection supports all of the above areas, and including the topics of perceptual and motivational processes, learning, emotion, personality and social development, cognitive and language development, psychopathology and related psychosocial processes, attention and regulation processes, memory and higher cognitive functions, interpersonal and intergroup relations and processes,psycholinguistics, positive psychology, psychiatry, sleep and organizational psychology.

Primary Languages and Formats English, some French and German in older collections.

Related Collections
Social Welfare, Public Health, Doe, Biosciences - in particular Neuroscience, Optometry, some with Business and Anthropology.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Education/Psychology Library.

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