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Political Science

Contact: Susan Edwards

Scope of Collection
Doe houses a research-level collection in political science. Materials are collected in the following subfields: American government and politics, area studies, comparative politics, formal theory and quantitative methods, international relations, political behavior, political theory/philosophy, public law and jurisprudence, and public administration, administration, and policy.

The collection primarily serves the Political Sciences Department. It also serves faculty and students in other social sciences departments in Letters and Sciences, professional schools such as Haas School of Business, Goldman School of Public Policy, and researchers and scholars in organized research units such as International and Area Studies, Institute of Governmental Studies, Institute for Institute for Reasearch on Labor and Employment.

Collection Strengths
Strengths: international and area studies, comparative government and politics, development studies, international relations and security studies, US/Calif government and politics.

Primary Languages and Formats
The primary language is English. Acquire resources published in US/Commonwealth countries in a mix of formats - print, digital, data.

Related Collections
Political Science materials overlap most with social science collections in Bus/Econ, Envi, Law, IGS. Within Doe the collection overlaps most with the history, economics, and sociology collections.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Political Science.

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