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Natural Resources

(includes Conservation and Resource Studies, Environmental Science and Policy, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Forestry and Resource Management, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, and Political Economy of Natural Resources)

Contact: Susan Koskinen

Scope of Collection
The collection serves the College of Natural Resources: Plant and Microbial Biology; Agricultural and Resource Economics; Environmental Sciences and Policy Management; Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology; Environmental Sciences University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Agricultural Experiment Station; Cooperative Extension.

Collection Strengths
Strong monograph and journal collections in all areas of natural resources, although collection responsibility for agricultural economics is shared somewhat with the Giannini Foundation Library. In the areas of environmental sciences, strong emphasis on California and the Western United States, but also material from the rest of the U.S. Increasing emphasis on developing countries, especially in Latin America and Africa.

Within entomology and insect biology, there are specific endowments for insect systematics and taxonomy, as well as the history of the discipline, and the collections are especially strong in those areas. Agroecology and sustainable development have become increasingly important. The Hilgard Endowment provides funding for soil science, including soil chemistry, microbial ecology of soils, and soil biogeochemistry. Less extensive but important collection areas are GIS and remote sensing.

Despite the closure of the Forest Products Library, we continue to collect a small number of items relating to wood chemistry and the forest products industry.

In the past we received cooperative extension and agricultural experiment station materials from all U.S. land-grant institutions but many are no longer distributed outside of their own states. Increasingly such publications are only available on the web.

We are a depository library for publications from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the U.S. Forest Service, and a partial depository for the FAO.

Primary Languages and Formats
Primarily English. There are substantial holdings in Russian, Southeast Asian languages, Chinese and Japanese, some of which are received on exchange, some through the LC Acquisitions Program (formerly PL480); purchased material in Western European languages.

All formats, including electronic books and journals, some CDs. The substantial map and photo collections are historical, and in general are not collected now, although maps are received along with government documents.

Special Collections
Extensive historical collections in California agriculture and forestry. Special photograph collections primarily focused on California forests and lumber. Cookbook collection includes approximately 1,500 rare cookbooks from the Holl Collection; additional cookbooks purchased and received as gifts. The collection of U.S. Soil Surveys is extensive and dates back to 1899; these are received on depository. The Rudy Grah Memorial Agroforesty Collection as a separate entity ceased when the Forestry Library was incorporated into Bioscience and Natural Resources.

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