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Middle Eastern Studies

(includes Near Eastern Studies - Islamica)

Contact: Shayee Khanaka

Scope of Collection
Today, the collection supports courses and research needs of the Near Eastern Studies Department and The Center for Middle Eastern Studies — faculty members and graduate students whose studies range from Ancient Near East and Egyptology to the present day languages, politics, religion, and history. The collection exceeds 200,00 volumes and more than 900 active periodical subscriptions. The UCB Library's Middle Eastern Collection counts among the top five most prestigious academic collections of Near Eastern materials in the United States.

Materials cover the Middle East and North Africa, including 22 Arab States, Iran, Turkey, and Cyprus. The collection supports courses and research needs of various faculty members and graduate students ranging from Ancient Near East, Egyptology, Islamic Civilization, and present day languages, politics, religion, sociology, anthropology, and history, etc. For a list of faculty in other departments, please visit CMES' website, http://cmes.berkeley.edu/people-faculty.

Collection Strengths
Modern and classical literature, languages, religion, politics, history, ancient Near East, and Egyptology.

Primary Languages and Formats
Languages: Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, English, German, and French.
Formats: Print monographs and Journals

Special Collections
Publications of the German Institute for Arabic and Islamic Sciences, Iraqi Newspapers Project, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Kurdish, Assyrian, and other mintority Christian groups in the Middle East.

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