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Mathematics and Statistics

Contact: Brian Quigley

Scope of Collection
The collection is selected to serve the Department of Mathematics, Department of Statistics, and the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science.

We collect at the research level in all areas of pure and applied mathematics, the mathematical and research methods of statistics, and the mathematics and theory of computing. This includes algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, applied mathematics, combinatorics, geometry, mathematical logic, number theory, numerical analysis, topology, applied and theoretical probability, and applied and theoretical statistics. It also includes the collected works of mathematicians and statisticians, both contemporary and historical.

Collection Strengths

The print and online journal collections are particularly strong. They include major journals from commercial pubishers, all journals from English-language mathematical and statistical societies, and a wide range of publications from mathematical departments and research units around the world.

Primary Languages and Formats
Primarily English. Some holdings in Russian, Chinese, and Japanese through library exchange programs. Historic strength in Russian, German and French mathematics. The primary formats are print and online books and journals.

Related Collections
Doe, Engineering, Physics-Astronomy, and Public Health. Business, Doe and Education/Psychology have collections related to applied statistics in the social sciences.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Mathematics Statistics Library.

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