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Contact: Shayee Khanaka

Scope of Collection
The Library collects at a research level in the academic subfields emphasized in the Linguistics Department: syntax, semantics, morphology, pragmatics, phonology, diachronic linguistics, language variation, linguistic reconstruction, typology and language universals, lexicology, as well as cognitive science, sociolinguistics, comparative and historical linguistics, and computational linguistics. For the study of linguistics, the Library has special strengths in American Indian, African, Asian, and Indo-European languages. The Library collects less comprehensively in the areas of language translation, applied linguistics (second language acquisition, language instruction and teaching English as a Second Language). The Library collects few introductory language textbooks, but does collect grammars and dictionaries.

In addition to the faculty in the Linguistics Department, the colleciton serves the needs of the faculty in virtually all language departments. For a full list of "affiliated" faculty, please visit the department's website, http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/people/faculty.php.

Primary Languages and Formats
English, German, French; monographs, serials and increasingly electronic resources.

Related Collections
The Doe Library linguistics collection has a subject affinity with collections in Anthropology and Education/Psychology Library (includes language acquisition sources excluded from Doe collection.)

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Linguistics.

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