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Latin American Studies

Contact: Carlos Delgado

Scope of Collection
The Latin American materials of the University of California, Berkeley Library System are among the richest collections of retrospective, contemporary and documentary materials in the United States. They consist of approximately 450,000 bound volumes and 800 current serials subscriptions. The collections are housed in the Bancroft Library, the Doe Library and some forty specialized libraries.

We acquire for Doe Library in the humanities and social sciences. Particularly language, literature, history, sociology, political sciences, marginalized groups, and indigenous populations, development studies. We strive to acquire at the research level in these areas for the countries we are responsible for as per our cooperative agreements; Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico. For all others we are creating strong study collections.

We have a strong 20th Century Argentine collection including both monographs and serials. We have strong serial collections for Peru, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico and overall for titles up to the 1970s.

Primary Languages and Formats
Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil).

Related Collections
The Hubert Howe Bancroft Library provides an early focus for Latin American acquisitions. Bancroft's writings covered Pre-Colombian indigenous populations to the modern societies of his times. The collection contains all forms of primary and secondary sources.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of research we may overlap with other campus libraries like Business, Education, Environmental Design, etc.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Latin American Studies.

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