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Korean Studies

Contact: Jae-Yong Chang

Scope of Collection
All subjects within the humanities and social sciences such as language and literature, history, philosophy and religion, politics, economics, social conditions, fine arts, and translations in other languages are collected selectively.

History, political and social sciences, and religion, especially Korean buddhism.

Special Collections
Asami Collection: Composed of over 900 titles/4,500 volumes of the rare Korean printed books and rubbings, they mostly published in 16th-18th centuries of Korea.

Besides the Asami Collection, total 1,391 titles/6,320 volumes of the Korean old materials, which were published before 1910, are scattered in four different places, Durant Hall, California Hall, NRLF, and the EAL Rare book Room.

Chungguk Choso njok Collection: Over 400 titles which were published in China, but written by Korean-Chinese in the Korean language.

Primary Languages and Formats
Korean language in formats of monographs and serials, manuscripts, microforms, multimedia such as VHS and DVD, and electronic materials.

Related Collections
Media Resources Center

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