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Facts In Brief

Collection Data (2011-2012)
Books: 11.5 million book volumes, including 644,000 e-books
Journals: 100,00 current serial titles received
Digital objects: 1.6 million
Manuscripts and archives: 92,000 linear feet
Graphic items: 9.9 million
Microforms: 7.3 million items
Maps: 522,000
Sound recordings: 111,000
Video recordings and film: 62,700
Percentage of volumes shelved off campus: ~39%
(Data reported to ARL: includes The Library and Affiliated Libraries)

Budget (2011-2012, The Library, excluding Affiliated Libraries)
Appropriation from campus: $12.1 million, unchanged since 2001

Rankings (2011-2012, American Research Libraries)
Volumes held: 7th
Collection expenditures: 9th
Preservation expenditures: 1st among University Libraries (fy 2010-11)
ARL investment ranking: 8th among research libraries

30 Libraries
Doe Library, including Art History/Classics, South/Southeast Asia, and Morrison
Moffitt Library
Bancroft Library
East Asia Library
Other subject specialty libraries (13)
Affiliated libraries (10)

Served (Fall 2011) (Facts at a Glance)
Faculty: 1,582 fulltime and 500 part-time faculty
Graduate: 10,257
Undergraduate: 25,885

Programs (Facts at a Glance)
Doctoral programs: 97
Professional degrees: ~30
Academic Departments 130 academic departments
Courses: more than 7,000 in some 350 degree programs

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