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German Studies

Contact: Jason Schultz

Scope of Collection
The German Studies collections support teaching and research in the fields of German language and literature, philosophy, history, sociology, law, economics, political science, information science and general European culture. They also closely track programs and coursework sponsored by the Institute of European Studies and the UC Center for German and European Studies. In addition, students and faculty in fields such as Environmental Design, Anthropology, Business, Education, Psychology and Social Welfare often use the German Studies collections for ancillary information in German related to their programs.

Berkeley collects in all periods and dialects of German linguistic history and covers the entire span of German recorded history. Most modern materials are in print format and modern High German, but we also collect materials extensively in and on Old High German and its regional precursors, Middle High German and Early New High German. We have excellent collections of dialectography and very deep holdings in regional variations of German from every historical period. In addtion to books and periodicals, we also collect digital formats, microformats, sound recordings, CDROMs, DVDs, realia and other nonstandard formats with regularity.

Collection Strengths
Our greatest strengths lie in medieval German literature, linguistics and history, the Baroque period, the Early Modern period and the Enlightenment. We also have outstanding collections of twentieth century materials on German cinema, the Weimar Republic and National Socialism. Our collection of materials from and about the German Democratic Republic (DDR) is the largest concentration of such resources outside Germany. We are actively collecting German cinema and have achieved considerable depth in both early German cinema and the cinema of the DDR.

Special Collections
The Bancroft Library has exceptional collections of scarce German National Socialist propaganda publications, which we have produced as commerical micoroform materials. In addition, the Bancroft has the richest collection of materials (printed works, manuscripts and pictorial works) on the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft, Germany's first literary society. Bancroft has also recently acquired a major collection of over 1,500 volumes dealing with the Enlightenment in Switzerland, mostly from the 18th and early 19th centuries. The Bancroft Library also has an extensive collection of primary resources on Hermann Hesse.

Related Collections
We have overlapping interests with Moffitt, Bancroft, Music, Environmental Design, Education/Psychology, Social Welfare, Business/Economics and Law (including the Robbins Collection).

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