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Finnish Studies

Contact: James Henry Spohrer

Scope of Collection
Berkeley's Library has collected Finnish Studies materials since the 1890s and has an excellent collection of materials in Finnish and in Swedish from Finland centering on the humanities and the social sciences, including longstanding subscriptions to the major Finnish publications of academies of sciences, learned societies and most universities, research centers, and research libraries.

In 1995 the campus created a formal program of Finnish Studies in the Institute of European Studies and since that time we have expanded our acquisitions program to include most new commercially available publications on literature, language, philosophy, history, politics, and social sciences from Finland.

Special Collections
We have a virtually complete run of the publications of the Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, the Finnish Literature Society. This is one of the few such extensive collections of Finnish literary studies (including substantial numbers of works on folklore) in the world.

Primary Languages and Formats
We acquire in all formats, though chiefly in the form of printed books and periodicals.

Related Collections
Many academic units are interested in aspects of Finnish culture and are supported by the Finnish Studies collections: Anthropology (especially Sami studies), Environmental Design and Urban Planning, Business/Economics, Law, Information Science and Music.

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