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Federal Documents

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Scope of Collection
The Federal Documents collection at Berkeley is one of the most comprehensive and historical collections in the United States and supports the research and teaching of the university, as well as the research interests of the local communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Library has collected from all three branches of government (legislative, executive, judicial) and has been a federal depository for nearly 150 years; the library has also collected documents from before the library was a depository.

Because the United States Government is a prolific and comprehensive publisher on almost every subject, Federal Documents can fall under any and all academic departments.

Doe Library houses the principle collection of United States (federal) documents. Special strengths include the administration and legislative organization of the government, compilations of social and economic statistics, and other categories in the social sciences including economic history and conditions, trade and commerce, political science, and social and public welfare.

Primary Languages and Formats
The primary language of the collection is English; however there may be some depository materials in languages other than English.

Related Collections
Government information is multidisciplinary and housed in library collections across campus, including but not limited to Biosciences, Education-Psychology, Public Health, Library Data Lab, and Law.

For information about research tools, library guides, and related pages, see Federal Government.

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